East Meet West

Mango and Pepper

I think I’m going to have to use dif­fer­ent kinds of ND fil­ter on my Polaroid SX-70 for dif­fer­ent sit­u­a­tions, i.e. ND2 for indoor and ND3 for out­door because using ND3 indoor makes for some under­ex­posed Polaroid shots. Thank the Fly­ing Spaghet­ti Mon­ster for free fil­ter sam­plers. If you ever need some ND fil­ters for your Polaroid SX-70, I’d high­ly rec­om­mend get­ting the Lee Fil­ters Cinematographer’s Edi­tion swatch book that you can order through their con­tact form for free. It sure beats order­ing a tiny piece of over­priced ND fil­ter from Hong Kong, which I wish I could say I hadn’t done before.

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