Dreams are nothing more than wishes


Because I’m feel­ing mel­low and home­sick, I’ll make a list of things I wish I’d thought to bring over here with me when I left Indone­sia 5 years ago:

  1. My good, old blan­ket that my mum bought me many years ago and that my broth­er back home said he hadn’t seen for a long time;
  2. Pic­tures of my mum (because my mem­o­ry of the way she looked is fad­ing);
  3. Pic­tures of me from when I was a tod­dler;
  4. The carved, wood­en jew­el­ry box with all my mum’s jew­el­ries that she left me when she died (no gold or dia­monds in it, real­ly);
  5. My copy of Tot­to-Chan: The Lit­tle Girl at the Win­dow (read­ing that book always makes me feel hap­py).

Also, I’m jeal­ous of every­one who still has a moth­er and of oth­er Indone­sians liv­ing abroad who receive a care pack­age from their fam­i­ly mem­bers back in Indone­sia every now and then (I nev­er did).

Things to be grate­ful about:

  1. I have an awe­some hus­band;
  2. My com­put­er has been behav­ing ever since it got a new proces­sor;
  3. I can take pret­ty pic­tures and make pret­ty things;
  4. I’m not broke;
  5. I have an awe­some hus­band.

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  1. Hey, am sor­ry to hear about your mom. Big Hug.I know it’s scary when you think you can’t remem­ber how some­one looked. But if you close your eyes and think of them, you can more than just see them, in your heart you can feel how much they loved you and that’s more beau­ti­ful than any­thing you’ll ever feel! Works for me :)

  2. I can see my mother’s face clear­ly in my dreams and only in my dreams. But my mem­o­ry of how much she loved me will nev­er ever fade. Nev­er.

  3. I think tem­peh can sur­vive ANYTHING, even a nuclear war, but that’s just me. :) Real­ly appre­ci­ate your offer but, believe it or not, some health food stores in the area actu­al­ly sell tem­peh (made in Kitch­en­er, Ontario!), in var­i­ous flavours to boot, though I’m not adven­tur­ous enough to try any­thing oth­er than the orig­i­nal one. Now I’m real­ly crav­ing for tem­peh. Mmm, ker­ing tempe…

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