Dirt Cheap Fares

I’m only post­ing this because, well, it’s too good not to share. If any of you are plan­ning to trav­el to Asia and Aus­tralia between April 1-May 18 and haven’t pur­chased a tick­et yet, you can fly from the U.S. to des­ti­na­tions in Asia and Aus­tralia for under $500! A trip to Tokyo, for exam­ple, is only $275. Fares are valid for trav­el orig­i­nat­ing in the U.S. only, so if you live in Cana­da, go across the bor­der or some­thing. Man, if only I wasn’t stuck in Cana­da and actu­al­ly had the mon­ey to trav­el. Oh well. Some­day.

I stole the link from Fodor’s Trav­el Wire, which I just dis­cov­ered. If you’re into trav­el­ling, you might want to book­mark it or sub­scribe to their feed for trav­el tips and bar­gain pack­ages. I know I have.

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