Dental Woes

No Picnic

I’ve prob­a­bly used the pic­ture above in anoth­er post in the past but thought I’d post it again because it just won me a new cam­era bag through a pho­to con­test held by Book Depos­i­to­ry! There were 2260 entries when the con­test end­ed. Who knew I’d be one of the 10 win­ners. I only entered one pho­to (out of the three allowed) and just kind of for­got about it until they sent me a mes­sage about me being one of the 10 win­ners. It’s kind of nice to know that soon I’ll be able to put my cam­era with some lens­es and a lap­top in the same bag when I’m trav­el­ling.

Um, what was I going to write about again? Oh right. The sad state of my poor teeth. I’ve been hav­ing a toothache since Mon­day. Didn’t tell Troy about it until Wednes­day morn­ing when the pain got a bit unbear­able. He then made me an appoint­ment with his trusty den­tist in Water­loo who was will­ing to see me the next day, i.e. today. The last time I saw a den­tist was prob­a­bly when I was still in mid­dle school. It was that long ago. Ever since my trusty den­tist in Indone­sia (who had been my den­tist since I was a wee lit­tle kid) died, I just couldn’t trust anoth­er den­tist. But now I think I’ve found anoth­er den­tist I could trust. Troy’s den­tist turns out to be not scary at all!

Long sto­ry short, I have a tooth extrac­tion, a root canal and a den­tal implant in a not so dis­tant future. And the dentist’s only looked at two of my molars. Yup, serves me right for not going ear­li­er. That den­tist vis­it was super long over­due. If last year was the year of optometrist/ophthalmologist vis­its, this year is def­i­nite­ly going to be the year of den­tist vis­its. Not real­ly look­ing for­ward to it but I just keep telling myself that after this long string of den­tist vis­its, I’ll be able to eat like a nor­mal per­son again. Haven’t been able to do that for a while so that’s some­thing to look for­ward to.

Any­way, this will be the first of two blog updates I’m sup­posed to make this week since it’s March already and the sec­ond step in the Oper­a­tion Blog Revival’s 6-step pro­gram is to blog twice a week in March and April. Not sure how I’m going to keep with it since my life is not real­ly all that inter­est­ing and there are only so many things I could talk about but we’ll see. I’ll fig­ure some­thing out. Some­one told me once that I’m resource­ful. :)

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