Crochet Project Roundup

I don’t real­ly have any­thing to say today. The day is almost over and I haven’t even tweet­ed any­thing. Crazi­ness. I’m blam­ing it on the crap­py sleep I had last night. These days, if I’m not dream­ing about my mum in my sleep, I’ll be dream­ing about cro­chet­ing. Last night was one of those nights. All I did in my dream was cro­chet­ing. Not even sure what I was cro­chet­ing. Yet dur­ing the day, when I can cro­chet for real, I’m hav­ing trou­ble get­ting start­ed. So frus­trat­ing. Though maybe it’s due to the fact I have balls and skeins of yarn all over the place. The idea was to sort out my yarn stash accord­ing to size but in real­i­ty, it’s not real­ly that sim­ple. Not to my untrained eye any­way. But I think I’ve got them all sort­ed out the best I could. Maybe tomor­row I’ll be able to come up with a project to work on. We’ll see.

I do have a long list of projects I’d like to tack­le. Let’s see. In no par­tic­u­lar order:

  • Granny square scarf. I already wrote about my love for granny squares yes­ter­day so this is an obvi­ous choice. But I also love the scal­loped bor­der.
  • Sock mon­key and baby hat. Def­i­nite­ly con­sid­er­ing mak­ing this pair for my niece. If you’ve been to our place, you’d know that I love sock mon­keys and I love mak­ing them.
  • Flower squares. Imag­ine these pret­ty squares joined togeth­er as a scarf. Yes. That’s what I’m think­ing. A scarf that’s ooz­ing with pret­ti­ness like a dou­ble rain­bow! Oh my.
  • Scal­loped cowl. I think a cowl would be a good addi­tion to my win­ter wardrobe since some of my win­ter coats have no hood­ie. I’m more of a scarf and win­ter hat kind of per­son, but I’d wear this pret­ty cowl. Who wouldn’t?
  • Jiji the Cat. Just look at the cat. So darn cute! Though I’ll prob­a­bly make one in a brighter colour. I’m not very good at cro­chet­ing dark-coloured yarn. I just can’t see the stitch­es!
  • Fun cro­chet bor­der for paper and fab­ric. I used to won­der how to do this but now I know, thanks to this tuto­r­i­al. It’s a use­ful extra knowl­edge if you’re into sewing or mak­ing soft­ies.

Now that I’ve post­ed the above links, that might help me focus on my Christ­mas projects, and you might find or learn some­thing new. It’s a win-win sit­u­a­tion! :) How’s that for a blog fod­der? But in all seri­ous­ness, I’m more of a lin­klog­ger instead of a writer. That’s why I start­ed this blog over 10 years ago, so I could share links to sites and infor­ma­tion that I find inter­est­ing with oth­ers, not so I could write about my bor­ing life. I real­ly should’ve stuck to shar­ing links only. This blog prob­a­bly would’ve been less dead that way.

And with that, I’m going to wrap this post up. Two days done, 28 more days to go! Oh, in case you’re won­der­ing, the time lapse video at the top of this post is from the fam­i­ly cot­tage up north. It’s a beau­ti­ful place. The video doesn’t do it jus­tice.

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