Crazy Is As Crazy Does


I real­ly like plants. I love plant­i­ng them in the ground and watch them grow. When I’m out of plants to plant, I feel sad. It’s like I’ve lost a life pur­pose, which is to bring new lives into the gar­den. Today was the first day of my hav­ing no plants to put in the ground. I was sad. So I just moved one plant from one spot to anoth­er spot a few inch­es away. It made me feel bet­ter. I don’t know why, but it did. I’m crazy that way.

The biggest hit in our house­hold today is a site called It’s like STFU, Par­ents, but not lim­it­ed to parental Face­book updates. I felt dumb after read­ing a cou­ple of pages and just couldn’t read any more but Troy just read on and on and on. I don’t know how he did that. But there’s a lot of crazy, hilar­i­ous, stu­pid, TMI-esque stuff there. What I don’t under­stand is some peo­ple real­ly friend­ed oth­er peo­ple on Face­book with whom they’re real­ly not in friend­ly terms. Seri­ous­ly, why?

Crazy, self-impor­tant updates are not lim­it­ed to Face­book. They are all over Twit­ter, too. At Tweet­ing Too Hard, you can give self-impor­tant tweets the recog­ni­tion they deserve. Give the self-impor­tant peo­ple the (sar­cas­tic) pat on the back that they so bad­ly need! Be sure to check out the All-Time Top for the cream of the crop tweets.

I came across Tweet­ing Too Hard through a PC World arti­cle, 40 Fan­tas­tic Time-Wast­ing Web Sites. If after going through the above sites you still have some time to kill, go to the arti­cle for 39 more sites.

Tomor­row is sup­posed to be a sun­ny day. I don’t like sun­ny days.

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