Crazy Bunny is Crazy

Crazy Bunny Strikes Again

Even though Crazy Bun­ny is known to eat my gar­den plants for break­fast, I’m still kind of look­ing for­ward to see­ing it in the morn­ing. These last two days I’ve been able to take some pic­tures of it. It’s fun­ny that he’d freeze on the spot as soon as he saw me with my cam­era, allow­ing me to take his pic­tures, before he hopped away and dis­ap­peared. Crazy Bun­ny is real­ly quick as a bun­ny!

Why do I always have to wait until past my bed­time before I start writ­ing a post? Because I’m the queen of pro­cras­ti­na­tion, that’s why. Well, I got all the links to post ear­li­er. I just couldn’t fig­ure out what to write at the begin­ning of the post until much lat­er. As in 5 min­utes ago.

A friend’s kid once saw me tak­ing pic­tures and then he asked if he could see the pic­tures I took on the LCD screen. I felt kind of bad telling him that he couldn’t because I was tak­ing pic­tures with a film cam­era. Kids these days. Here’s a list of 100 Things Your Kids May Nev­er Know About. They sure don’t know what they’re miss­ing. Don’t you just miss the sound of dial-up modems and dot matrix print­ers?

I’ve nev­er felt com­fort­able being in front of a cam­era so in the major­i­ty of our fam­i­ly pho­tos, I would look all stiff and awk­ward like a fam­i­ly guard dog. I’m sure there are some gems that could go to Too bad I have no access to my fam­i­ly pho­tos as they’re all stored some­where in my fam­i­ly home in Indone­sia.

I’ve been play­ing Block Drop most of the evening. It’s real­ly addict­ing! I’m cur­rent­ly stuck at lev­el 19 25. Should I con­tin­ue play­ing or should I go to bed? That is the ques­tion.

I think I’ll con­tin­ue play­ing.

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