Confessions of a Thrift Store Addict

Orange Sunset

Sor­ry for the lack of update. I just had a case of blogger’s block. But now I just feel like rant­i­ng about some­thing. It’s about buy­ing clothes from thrift stores. Would you? I know I would, and I have. Many times. I’ve bought a lot of cool t-shirts from thrift stores.

Some peo­ple have issues with buy­ing clothes from thrift stores because they think it’s like wear­ing oth­er people’s clothes. Well, first of all, they’re NOT oth­er people’s clothes. Not any­more any­way because they have giv­en away the clothes to the thrift stores. Call it sta­tus quo, if you like. You don’t even know who pre­vi­ous­ly owned the clothes. It’s not like you’ll have some­one point­ing at you and say “hey, you’re wear­ing a t-shirt that I threw away!” Most of the time, peo­ple wouldn’t care. If they did care, they’d think it’s new. Not sure about the hygiene? Wash it before you wear it. Easy peasy.

Like I said before, I’ve bought a lot of t-shirts from thrift stores. When some­one com­pli­ment­ed my choice of t-shirt, I’d proud­ly tell them that I got it from a thrift store for 2 bucks. Too bad I couldn’t find some­thing cool to wear to a wed­ding when we went to our local thrift store last night. Now I’ll have to spend mon­ey that I could be spend­ing on some rolls of film on a piece of cloth­ing. Not hap­py!

We’re going to the wed­ding of Troy’s very first child­hood friend this week­end. I wish I remem­bered who my very first friend was. It’s not like I’ve had plen­ty of friends in my life to start with. I’m not very good at mak­ing friends. And not many peo­ple would want to be friends with me because I’m too weird.

By the way, if you’d like to hear about how our week­end went, Troy has the scoop. I bar­be­cued my very first steaks last week­end and they turned up great! Most of the pic­tures I took last week­end, I shot on film and the rolls of film still need devel­op­ing. Hence the lack of Flickr update. You’ll see some pret­ty pic­tures next week for sure. :)

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  1. I wish I bought clothes at thift shops because I could save so much mon­ey. But I am real­ly germpho­bic. Is that bad?! Yeah, I guess it is.

  2. I spend half of my life in Char­i­ty Shops, as they are over here — I wish so much that we had as good thrifty­ness as you all do! I most­ly buy books and fab­ric from them, gen­er­al­ly because I’m not 90, the age most of the avail­able clothes seem to be tar­get­ed at!

  3. Hehe. You can find tonnes of hideous cloth­ings in thrift stores over here, includ­ing the ones intend­ed for octo­ge­nar­i­ans, but they usu­al­ly have t-shirt only rows where, some­times, on your lucky day, you’ll be able to find some cool ones that are brand new or bare­ly used that can be had for a few bucks.
    We most­ly just buy lots of books, though. Just like you. And also pots for my plants.

  4. I used to buy t-shirts and flan­nels from the thrift shop by my col­lege. I loved how they ordered the cloth­ing first by type and then by col­or. I miss that … I should see if there are any good places near­by.

  5. I use to be uneased about going to the thrift store but my sis­ter got me into it. The very first thing that I brought was a bag, but now I am buy­ing much more. Just last week I brought a nice grey skirt that was from Express that was $2.50.

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