Can I just say “Untitled”?

– I’ve nev­er been in an ambu­lance until last Mon­day. I sat in the front seat. Would’ve been cool if it was only a joyride and not because your bet­ter half is in an excru­ci­at­ing pain.
— I’m still try­ing to fig­ure out how to make it to the hos­pi­tal by bus in the short­est time pos­si­ble.
— I have already fig­ured out that the hos­pi­tal is only two turns away from our apart­ment.
— The bus ride to the hos­pi­tal always feels longer than the ride back home.
— I like how you can get a trans­fer tick­et. That way you only have to pay one bus fare even though you have to hop on two bus­es to get to where you want to go.
— I think I know how to get to wher­ev­er I want to go in Kitch­en­er-Water­loo area by bus now.
CTV must’ve screwed up last night because I think I watched the sec­ond episode of the new sea­son of Grey’s Anato­my last night instead of the sea­son pre­miere.
— I’ve been post­ing Troy’s dai­ly progress (and set­backs) in his blog because his friends read it and I though they’d like to know.
— I hope Troy will make a speedy recov­ery and can go home soon. I’ve nev­er felt this lone­ly and alone since my moth­er passed away.
— Well, I’d bet­ter make my lunch before get­ting ready to go to the hos­pi­tal. I’m tired of hav­ing Tim Horton’s stuff for lunch.

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  1. I’ve got to think that tim­ing your trip to start just before the 9 arrives across the street head­ing south, and then get­ting whichev­er 7 shows up first on the south side of Uni­ver­si­ty would be the quick­est, but maybe walk­ing out and just grab­bing the 7 may be faster depend­ing on when the next 9 is. The bus here is accept­able but not great. Espe­cial­ly on Sun­days when the two bus­es clos­est to me stop run­ning.
    And yes, CTV did air episode two, although word on the inter­webs is that it was orig­i­nal­ly sup­posed to be episode one and then ABC said you have to explain stuff to the view­ers. Episode one will air next Thurs­day at 8, although it’s avail­able for down­load if you can’t wait.
    And I hope Troy gets well soon. Can’t be fun to be alone and wor­ry­ing about him.

  2. I missed the 9 yes­ter­day so I walked down to Colum­bia to catch the 7 but then found that I might as well wait for the next 9 because the 7 didn’t arrive until after the next 9 passed. I just hope I won’t have to spend ages wait­ing for the bus­es this week­end.

  3. hey fir­da — read­ing this post about almost noth­ing makes me know you are real­ly wor­ried about hm. i hope he gets bet­ter fast and cmes home to you real­ly soon! *hugs*

  4. Keep being strong Fir­da dur­ing these dif­fi­cult times. Sounds like the worst is over already and he’ll be home with you soon. Thanks for keep­ing us all updat­ed. Take care.

  5. A bit off sub­ject ..i .tracked u back to your blog
    just to say thank you for the love­ly tem­plates u made for blog­gers I am using one of them . Come have apeek at I will be mod­ding it fur­ther to suit the con­tent more :)

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