№ 11 — Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada

This pic­ture was tak­en dur­ing our hon­ey­moon almost nine years ago. We spent most of the time in our 2-week hon­ey­moon road trip in Nova Sco­tia and the dri­ve through the Cabot Trail in Cape Bre­ton Island was cer­tain­ly one of the high­lights. It was a very scenic dri­ve.

Our friends who lived in Hal­i­fax (the cap­i­tal of Nova Sco­tia) at the time and whom we met ear­li­er in the trip told us that we might see some moose there. I was real­ly excit­ed about that. I had nev­er seen a moose in its nat­ur­al habi­tat before. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, we didn’t see any. In fact, I had nev­er seen any moose in the wild until three years ago. Strange­ly, once I saw one in the wild, I keep see­ing them when we are up north in the cot­tage coun­try. Maybe I broke some kind of a curse some­how.

To quote Wikipedia, Cabot Trail “is named after the explor­er John Cabot who land­ed in Atlantic Cana­da in 1497, although most his­to­ri­ans agree his land­fall like­ly took place in New­found­land and not Cape Bre­ton Island.” When he land­ed in Cana­da, he actu­al­ly thought he had land­ed in Asia! John Cabot is the Eng­lish name for Ital­ian explor­er, Gio­van­ni Caboto. His biog­ra­phy is pret­ty inter­est­ing.

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