Busy Bee?

Kitchen Window

Since the last time I post­ed, I have:

  • got a new scan­ner (Epson Per­fec­tion 4490);
  • final­ly received my Diana+ cam­era (nev­er received the pick-up notice because it was deliv­ered to some­one else’s house but we went to the post office and I showed my ID and they gave me my pack­age);
  • shot one roll of film with the said Diana+;
  • start­ed grow­ing a pineap­ple plant out of a pineap­ple top (it’s grown new roots and new leaves);
  • start­ed grow­ing a man­go plant out of a man­go pit (it’s grown a root);
  • picked up a pome­gran­ate from a gro­cery store for the sole pur­pose of grow­ing it;
  • done two fam­i­ly pho­to ses­sions with babies;
  • seen Great Lake Swim­mers and Feist live in Kitch­en­er;
  • had Troy buy us tick­ets to see Hay­den live in Kitch­en­er next month;
  • made alfre­do sauce (low calo­rie ver­sion) from scratch for the first time;
  • fin­ished my kitchen cur­tain sewing project (made out of a bed sheet I picked up from a thrift store);
  • start­ed writ­ing a blog entry but for­got to save it before clos­ing the brows­er win­dow (oops!).

What’s not on the list is the pro­cras­ti­nat­ing part, but let’s just take it for grant­ed, shall we? ;)

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  1. she of the black thumb has gone plant grow­ing mad! AWESOME!! and woo — i fell in love with that lil 1234 song from the ipod nano ad and now i wan­na know more about Feists music — you lucky wench!!!

  2. I am so impressed! Esp with gar­den­ing stuff — I’m going to try that when we start get­ting organ­ic veg box­es again… And am well impressed with your sewing project! I real­ly should stop bitch­ing about our cur­tains and take a leaf from your book… When I pro­cras­ti­nate, I actu­al­ly grow mould…like a sloth.

  3. I have an Epson 4990 and it’s a good scan­ner, but I haven’t tried scan­ning film yet. I say yet, because I just found out that the 1 hour pho­to place around the cor­ner can process 120 film. I nev­er would have thought they would. but I stopped in to ask that sil­ly ques­tion. It turns out it wasn’t so sil­ly after all.
    I’m now just wait­ing for the week­end.

  4. Hi,
    I real­ly like your site, and I like Feist a lot too!
    I was won­der­ing what plu­g­in or soft­ware you use to cre­ate your quizzes… I like them a LOT but can’t fig­ure out how to make some for my own site.
    Can you help me out?
    Thanks, Brad

  5. how do you like the scan­ner? I’m in the mar­ket myself and find­ing it hard to make a deci­sion .. of course the fact that I also need a new print­er isn’t help­ing, nor are my cam­era acces­sories wish­es .. oh well.

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