№ 10 — Búðir, Snæfellsnes, Iceland

I had been look­ing for­ward to tak­ing pic­tures of this church at Búðir in Snæfell­snes Penin­su­la because the loca­tion is very pic­turesque, but ear­li­er in the day, the boat that was sup­posed to take us on a whale-watch­ing tour left with­out us because appar­ent­ly Ice­landic peo­ple are not the great­est at at mark­ing places so we missed the area where we were sup­posed to board the boat. When we final­ly found it with a help from a local Ice­landic fam­i­ly we met at the har­bour, the boat already left even though it was still before the time it was sup­posed to leave. We’d already had a whale-watch­ing tour can­celled when we were in North­ern Ice­land (and the tour oper­a­tor didn’t even both­er to noti­fy us about it being can­celled so we had a hur­ried break­fast that morn­ing for noth­ing — could’ve had more of that tasty, home­made skyr at the B&B oth­er­wise) so I was feel­ing extra bummed about it.

Any­way, when we got to Búðir, I was quite the Ms. Grumpy McGrump­sa­lot and my heart wasn’t real­ly in it when I was tak­ing pic­tures of the sur­round­ings. We could have tak­en the path to a near­by beach but didn’t because I was grumpy and now I kind of regret it. Oh well. Some oth­er time. When we go back to Ice­land to explore the West­fjords (the only region we didn’t get to see in our first vis­it), we will have to give Snæfell­snes Penin­su­la anoth­er chance for sure.

Adden­dum: We’re one-tenth of the way through the 100 Places Project! Hur­ray!

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