Bridezillas at Joost

Here Comes the Bride

I got myself a Joost invite yes­ter­day because peo­ple all over the blo­gos­phere were talk­ing about it and I was curi­ous. In case you’ve nev­er heard of Joost before, it’s an Inter­net TV. The TV pro­grams are played stream­ing and on-demand, with com­mer­cials and stuff. There are a num­ber of chan­nels avail­able. At least one of them should pique your inter­est.

Any­way, I didn’t find any­thing I want­ed to watch yes­ter­day, but this morn­ing, I start­ed watch­ing this real­i­ty show called Bridezil­las, and I’m hooked. I’ve been on Bridezil­las marathon all day, only paus­ing to do laun­dry (all three loads of them, thank you very much). Man, those brides are scary, but if they weren’t, the show prob­a­bly wouldn’t be all that inter­est­ing.

If you’re like me and you like watch­ing women get­ting crazi­ly obsessed over a wed­ding (actu­al­ly, I like watch­ing any­one get­ting crazi­ly obsessed over any­thing because it’s always enter­tain­ing), you want to get Joost. Of course you need a high-speed inter­net con­nec­tion to enjoy this free ser­vice. If you’re inter­est­ed in try­ing it out, just leave a com­ment with your email address and I’ll send you one.

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  1. Can I have one please?
    Btw, I just added your blog to my favorites at stum­ble­upon. (How cute isn’t it?)

  2. I only have 3 chan­nels, most of which is adver­tis­ing so I would real­ly appre­ci­ate an invite!

  3. A joost invite would be much appre­ci­at­ed!
    Bridezil­las sounds enter­tain­ing as much as I love watch­ing “crazy obsessed women” (aka women)

  4. It does sound inter­est­ing. I have a TV tuner card in my com­put­er and I do use it to watch TV. I don’t do this very often, but I have used it. It’s less than per­fect.
    So, yes, I’d love an invi­ta­tion. I’ll try it.

  5. I’ve heard about Joost and would love to receive an invite. Could you pass one on (if you haven’t reached some kind of lim­it!) :-)

  6. i heard about it, but havent checked into it. if you­ve still got some invites, i would love one.

  7. Well, I sus­pect most of them got here search­ing for Joost invites and aren’t real­ly reg­u­lar read­ers. :)

  8. Hey Fir­da,
    udah lama juga saya liat2 blog kamu, tp gak per­nah nulis ke kamu..nah skrg just like the rest of the peo­ple, want to see joost and need you to invite me hehe..kalo bisaaaa lhoo
    eh, satu lagi, kita ini satu alma­mater, hidup jaket kun­ing!!!
    Trus, kok bisa nyasar dr Tangerang ke Cana­da? hehe
    Saya juga gede di daer­ah Tangerang!! Lucu ya..jauh2 terny­a­ta ada aja yg sekam­pung..
    ok, ditung­gu ya!

  9. thanks much for the invite-eri­no Fir­da :)
    It’s not too bad at all…
    From time to time it gets a lit­tle wonky, but I have enjoyed a good bit of Guin­ness world record pro­grams whilst I surf the inter­weeb…

  10. It will be inter­est­ing to test the new ser­vice…
    Could i have an invite too?

  11. Hai Fir­da,
    I stum­bled upon your blog. Nice! Masih ada nggak invitenya? Pin­gin liat Joost juga dong. Tengkyu..!
    Ini tan­tenya Ayra yang satu lagi lho… :) Kapan ke Lon­don lagi? Drop me a line.

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