Bought Something, Made Something

We had been on the look­out for a used MP3 play­er ever since we found out that the car stereo in our rental car in Ice­land won’t play MP3 files. I was also look­ing into buy­ing new but not will­ing to burn $50 for a new MP3 play­er with only 2GB stor­age. Enter Kiji­ji.

I respond­ed to a cou­ple of ads on Mon­day. One was for an iPod Touch 2G 8GB for $50 here in Strat­ford and the oth­er was for an iPod Touch 3G 16GB for $80 in Kitch­en­er. I talked the lat­ter down to $60 only to real­ize that even though it was mar­ket­ed as a 3G by Apple (evil cor­po­ra­tion rant with­held), it was actu­al­ly a 2G, so it was old­er than adver­tised and the lat­est ver­sion of iOS it could run was 4.2.1, mean­ing very few apps (if any) on the Apps Store would work on it. 

I told the sell­er about it and they apol­o­gized in response, say­ing they didn’t know it was that old. I dropped my offer down to $50 and they took it, say­ing it was fair. We made the dri­ve to Kitch­en­er and picked it up lat­er that day. And that is how we pur­chased our first Apple prod­uct. We only paid as much as we were will­ing to pay for one. No hun­dreds of dol­lars for you, Apple! Not from us!

I installed a jail­break pro­gram called Whit­ed00r on the iPod Touch the next day to give it some of the iOS 6 fea­tures and to gain access to the App­Ti­meMa­chine. Now, not only can we play music with it, we can also browse the Inter­net (albeit very slow­ly) on WiFi, check and update Twit­ter and Face­book, and even play some games! I’d say it was a $50 well spent. I even learned a thing or two about jail­break­ing mobile devices in the process. The learn­ing curve was rather steep, but it was fun nonethe­less. I love learn­ing new things.

Look at all the squeaky dog toys I made!
Look at all the squeaky dog toys I made!

I joined the Reddit’s Plushy Exchange recent­ly and my gif­tee want­ed some soft and squeaky toys for their dog. I instant­ly thought of mak­ing toys that look like food, so I cro­cheted the stuff pic­tured above: an apple, a cup­cake, and an ice cream cone. Aren’t they cute? ;-) They even squeak when squeezed! It was my first time cro­chet­ing toys that look like food. I’d just nev­er had the excuse to make them before. I hope the dog will like them.

Inter­est­ing­ly, even though I didn’t sign up for an inter­na­tion­al exchange this time and even though my gif­tee is in Cana­da, my gifter is actu­al­ly in Swe­den! I’m real­ly curi­ous about what I’m get­ting and I’m excit­ed­ly wait­ing for it to arrive in the mail. I haven’t received any­thing in the mail from Swe­den since my old pen­palling days some 20 years ago! Dear god, I’m old…

I think this is an appro­pri­ate song to end this post with:

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