Bloggie Silliness

This might be only of inter­est to new vis­i­tors com­ing from the Blog­gie site, but for all its worth, take the rather out­dat­ed What’s Your Chance to Win a Blog­gie? quiz (ca. 2004) or bet­ter still, get a blog award from the bad­ly-styled Award-O-Mat­ic (ca. 2003) if you’re real­ly, real­ly bored, and then blog about it. ;) In case you’re curi­ous, the quiz says I have 45% chance to win a Blog­gie. Yeah, pret­ty low indeed! And there’s still a bunch of oth­er blog­ging quizzes where it comes from. I was once a bored and pro­duc­tive blog­ger. Now I’m just a bored blog­ger. Heh.

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