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If you ever won­der about what a blogger’s birth­day was like in the year 2000 or year 4 B.F. (before Face­book), you’ve got to read the entries I post­ed between April 6 to April 8, 2000. That was the best birth­day I ever had in the Blog­gerville (that was before it became a Blo­gos­phere). I real­ly wish I still had all those voice­mail mes­sages. They were awe­some!

My birth­day in 2001 doesn’t sound like a very good one, though. But hey, the day after my birth­day that year, I cre­at­ed a crap­py PHP cha­t­room I called Quack-O-Mat­ic, where Troy and I “talked” to each oth­er for the very first time! Who knew that 4 years lat­er we’d be hus­band and wife.

I guess my mum knew that she didn’t have much time left in this world because she real­ly tried to make my birth­day in 2002 the best one ever. She had a cater­er cook all my favourite birth­day food and made me feel so loved that even my dad couldn’t ruin the day for me.

You’ve got­ta check out my birth­day post from 2003! It’s got a pic­ture of me and my mum when I was a baby! I for­got I had that one. Such an awe­some pic­ture. It also has a pic­ture of me in 2003. I looked so tired. I prob­a­bly was. My mum was already very sick by then. Bedrid­den and all. It wasn’t a very hap­py birth­day. 2003 was such a hor­ri­ble year. Oh, if you read the post and want to know the answer to the “what’s in the monkey’s mouth” ques­tion, it is in this entry.

I wrote a long birth­day post con­vey­ing a wide range of emo­tions — from hap­py to sad, from hope­less to hope­ful — in 2004. I wrote that “life might get bet­ter.” And it did! I’m a frickin’ clair­voy­ant! ;) The trip I was talk­ing about was the trip to Eng­land, and then Cana­da, and then back to Eng­land, and then Indone­sia. Troy and I met in per­son for the first time in May 28, 2004 at the air­port in Toron­to. I left Cana­da in Sep­tem­ber 2004 only to go back a month lat­er.

I’ve always had a good birth­day ever since I moved to Cana­da but man, my birth­day posts from Cana­da are sooo bor­ing! In 2005, I only talked about some stu­pid dream I had the night before my birth­day. And it was my first Cana­di­an birth­day! It was also the day we told Troy’s par­ents that we were get­ting mar­ried in a month! I should’ve put more effort into it.

My birth­day post from 2006 is a lit­tle bet­ter. I cared enough to write about the cir­cum­stances of my birth. My birth­day in 2007 was prob­a­bly the most event­ful birth­day I ever had in Cana­da. I even got a real birth­day cake with my name on it! But I didn’t blog about it until, like, four days after my birth­day. Slack­er.

Worse still, in 2008, not only did I wait four days before post­ing about my birth­day, I only wrote two para­graphs in the post, only one of which was about my birth­day and it didn’t say any­thing oth­er than the fact that it was a good one! Blas­phe­my! Now I real­ly don’t remem­ber what I got for my birth­day last year! All I remem­ber is that I had a whole birth­day week­end plus Mon­day full of presents and culi­nary expe­ri­ence (read: din­ing out). It was an awe­some birth­day, dammit!

My birth­day this year (i.e., today) has been pret­ty low-key. Troy wished me a hap­py birth­day and gave me a cou­ple of presents before he left for work in the morn­ing: a book on soft toy-mak­ing and acces­sories for my cur­rent favourite board game, Agri­co­la (so I’m a board game geek, sue me). I’m also sup­posed to be get­ting a bike from him but I still haven’t found a bike that I like. After check­ing out a bike store down­town, we went to a Chi­nese restau­rant for my birth­day din­ner and after that, we bought a lot­tery tick­et because I was feel­ing lucky. :) I wouldn’t mind win­ning 9 mil­lion dol­lars.

Oh, one thing that I would want to remem­ber in the com­ing years is that this is my first white birth­day! The ground is cov­ered with snow and it’s still snow­ing! I like snow and stuff but I don’t think I like it when it’s falling like crazy in April. It’s just not right!

Adden­dum: I start­ed my attempt to ger­mi­nate three avo­ca­do seeds today: two in water, one in soil. Will let you know if any of them sprouts. The avo­ca­do plant I start­ed from seed two years ago is still alive but it could use a friend!

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  1. i am so jeal­ous of your white birth­day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lol i could­nt do a post like this as i usu­al­ly avoid post­ing on my birth­day. :D

  2. hap­py belat­ed birth­day Fir­da! I real­ly liked read­ing about your past birth­days — hope you have a won­der­ful year ahead — with many long bike rides!

  3. Hap­py Birth­day Fir­da!
    Actu­al­ly I came here from mov­able type sup­port forums try­ing to post a com­ment and see if you still have that prob­lem with your com­ments.
    Most like­ly you’ve missed a form hid­den ele­ment inside the arti­cle com­ment­ing form for the return url as being the arti­cle perma­link…

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