Belated Birthday Post

Birthday Cake

My birth­day was this past Sat­ur­day and it was love­ly. I got a Venus Fly­trap plant kit, a cou­ple of books, and an exten­sion tube set for my dSLR from Troy, a 35mm Ricoh SLR cam­era kit from my broth­er- and sis­ter-in-law, and some cash from Troy’s par­ents and grand­par­ents which I spent on a light box kit with two stu­dio lights. Yay, so many new toys to play with!

On my birth­day, Troy took me out on a day trip to Port Mait­land, where the Grand Riv­er meets Lake Erie. We walked along the pier towards the light­house and halfway there I felt like going back to the car because it was so frickin’ cold but I didn’t. I just braved the crap­py weath­er and kept tak­ing pic­tures. Once we got back to the park­ing lot, a car pulled in and two men came out with their fish­ing rods and start­ed walk­ing up the pier. I didn’t think their fish­ing endeav­our would last very long.

Lat­er in the evening, Troy’s par­ents took us out for a birth­day din­ner at an Ital­ian restau­rant and my sis­ter-in-law sneak­i­ly told the restau­rant peo­ple that it was my birth­day and, well, you know what hap­pened. I got singing wait­ress­es bring­ing me a big slice of choco­late cake after we fin­ished our main course. We shared the cake between the six of us. We were so full for the rest of the evening that my moth­er-in-law had to wait until the next day to bring out my birth­day cake. As you can see in the pic­ture, it had eight can­dles on it. Yes, it was indeed my 8th birth­day.

I wish.

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  1. I think Shirley Tem­ple cel­e­brat­ed her 8th birth­day more than once…so why shouldn’t you! (The stu­dio want­ed to keep her young.)
    Hap­py Birth­day!

  2. Hi, I only care that I have my moth­er proud of me. Because I know that my father hates me so I real­ly don’t care if he is proud of me or not. I have tryed to walk the strait and nar­row path and fal­tered afew time. But, at the end of the day I would like to know that my Moth­er was proud I was her son
    I am sor­ry if it to you not inter­est­ing­ly.

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