Basia Bulat, I Love You, But…

We went to our first music show of the year on Sat­ur­day night with my broth­er- and sis­ter-in-law at the Cas­bah in Hamil­ton, Ontario. My broth­er-in-law invit­ed us to come with them to see Basia Bulat last month. My hus­band said yes to him and then he told me he said yes for us and then I googled the venue and found out it was a stand­ing-room only venue. I just knew I wouldn’t be hav­ing the great­est time of my life that night.

After hav­ing Lebanese food for din­ner at the restau­rant next door to the venue, we joined the line-up and stood in line for about half an hour. It was a lit­tle chilly and I left my hat and gloves in the car which was parked sev­er­al blocks away. It wasn’t the proud­est moment of my life, but I sur­vived. I am Cana­di­an after all.

Once we got in, we noticed that the few seats at the back of the room were all tak­en already, so we just stood by the wall, think­ing that at least if we got tired, we could always lean against the wall. I learned lat­er that lean­ing against the wall didn’t real­ly help to alle­vi­ate sore feet caused by stand­ing too long.

About an hour lat­er, once all 200 peo­ple with tick­ets were in (it was a sold-out show), the first open­ing act final­ly start­ed play­ing. It was a folk-ish pop duo called Ash & Bloom. They were okay. My feet had already start­ed to get sore by then but I was still able to enjoy the music a lit­tle bit. I could hard­ly see what was going on on the stage because (1) I’m short and (2) the tallest peo­ple in the room seemed to be all gath­ered right in front of the stage block­ing the view for every one. Jerks.

Then it was back to stand­ing around wait­ing for the next open­ing act to play (not that there was any oth­er choice). It was prob­a­bly only half an hour or so of wait­ing but it felt more like an hour to me. My feet had start­ed throb­bing by then. I leaned my back against the wall and rest­ed one foot against the wall alter­nate­ly, but it didn’t real­ly help because as soon as I got it back on the floor, it start­ed throb­bing again. I closed my eyes and tried to go to my hap­py place. No workie.

The sec­ond open­ing act was the Weath­er Sta­tion. They played some real­ly mel­low songs. I still couldn’t see what was going on on the stage so I decid­ed to just do some peo­ple-watch­ing. It was kind of inter­est­ing. There was this one guy who was prob­a­bly the biggest fan of the Weath­er Sta­tion. At some point, he shushed the whole room and peo­ple actu­al­ly went qui­et! Crazi­ness! He was also the per­son who clapped the loud­est after every song. Such ded­i­ca­tion. As for my feet, they were hurt­ing so much by then it just couldn’t get any worse.

The wait between the Weath­er Sta­tion and Basia Bulat was the longest wait ever! I was real­ly wish­ing Basia would start play­ing right away, but no such luck. She was on the stage for the longest time get­ting things ready before her per­for­mance but then she left the stage and didn’t come back until about half an hour lat­er. I gave her a death stare when she walked past me on her way back to the stage. How dare she made me wait this long on my sore, sore feet! For­tu­nate­ly for her, she didn’t notice or she would’ve freaked out. I give the best death stares. :-)

The first sev­er­al songs she played were from her new album. I didn’t know any of them. I only knew the stuff from her first two albums, which I thor­ough­ly enjoyed. I don’t know what to think about her new­er songs. They sound a bit too much like Feist’s. When she played her old­er songs that night, they were played in a dancey kind of way, which I didn’t real­ly care for. We didn’t both­er to wait until the end of her show. We left dur­ing the first encore. Our feet were just too sore.

I love you, Basia Bulat, but my love for you was at all time low that night. I love you a lot more when you’re play­ing an acoustic solo show in a small venue with seat­ing (empha­sis on seat­ing). I know it’s hard­ly an uncon­di­tion­al love, but that’s all I can afford to give you. And that’s the secret I would’ve told you when you asked for it that night [she did ask the audi­ence to tell her a secret but no tak­ers], if I had been one of those peo­ple who would tell secrets to a room full of strangers.



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