Anti-Social Procrastinator Extraordinaire

BHF Challenge #1: Halloween
Tonight marks the begin­ning of the hol­i­day sea­son. Well, for Troy and me any­way. It’s Troy’s work Christ­mas par­ty tonight and next week­end, it’s Christ­mas get-togeth­er for Troy’s fam­i­ly from his mother’s side and the week­end after that it’s the get-togeth­er for Troy’s fam­i­ly from his father’s side. Ack! It’s a bit too much for my lik­ing, real­ly. Espe­cial­ly since I don’t real­ly cel­e­brate Christ­mas, not being a Chris­t­ian and all. I’m only in it for the presents, there I said it. :P I’d say “and also for the food” but my stom­ach is still cranky, I don’t think I could enjoy much of the Christ­massy food good­ness this year.
Any­way, I hope there’ll be turkey on the table tonight, among oth­er things. I know there was some turkey last year which was gone real­ly quick­ly because it was oh so good. I doubt my stom­ach will be able to han­dle any­thing but poul­try meat. I’ll have to remind myself not to have any gravy sauce. Fat­ty stuff can only make my poor tum­my feel mis­er­able. And oh all the cakes I’ll be see­ing but not being able to eat! That’ll make me cry a lit­tle.
Now I just have to show­er, wash my shirt, iron Troy’s shirt, and I’ll be good to go. That doesn’t sound like a very long to-do list, but trust me, it’ll take awhile to accom­plish since I’m a pro­cras­ti­na­tor extra­or­di­naire (man, I love the sound of it). And God knows how eas­i­ly dis­tract­ed I am. Oh look, a squir­rel!

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