Another Weekend Report

Bufflehead Ducks

So, anoth­er week­end has come and gone. Boohoo! We spent the week­end at Troy’s par­ents’ place. A week­end there usu­al­ly means a game-play­ing week­end, but not this time. 

On Sat­ur­day, Troy’s dad drove us down to the shore of Lake Erie so we could see and take pic­tures of the new­ly-built wind tur­bines. I’ve only seen a wind farm once before and it was in North Cape, Prince Edward Island. I thought it was a very large one with at least 16 tur­bines, but the one we saw this past Sat­ur­day is going to be even larg­er with 66 tur­bines. I took all the pic­tures of the tur­bines with a film cam­era so you’ll have to wait until I got the film devel­oped before you can see them. We stopped by a cou­ple of antique stores on our way down, but sad­ly, there was no inter­est­ing cam­eras to be found. We also stopped by the Big Creek Nation­al Con­ser­va­tion Area to take pic­tures of some water­fowls.

Sat­ur­day night, I had to stay home alone with the dog and the cat because Troy had a bach­e­lor par­ty for one of his friends to go to (and no, he didn’t go to a strip bar with the rest of them — I’m so proud of him!) and Troy’s par­ents had to go to a buck and doe. I spent my time alone watch­ing a cou­ple of movies on TV and did a cou­ple of cross­word puz­zles. The first movie was Beau­ty Shop, which I didn’t real­ly care about, and the sec­ond one was Clos­er, which I enjoyed. The first time I saw Jude Law in the movie, I was like “Oooh, Jude Law, so dreamy!” but as the movie pro­gressed, I learned to hate his char­ac­ter. Julia Roberts wasn’t very con­vinc­ing as a pho­tog­ra­ph­er but damn, that Leica cam­era sure is sexy! If only it didn’t cost thou­sands of dol­lars

We didn’t real­ly do much on Sun­day though we did play some games of Super 5 (it’s strange how there’s no infor­ma­tion about this game what­so­ev­er online con­sid­er­ing how fun it real­ly is). And before we knew it, it was time to dri­ve back up to Water­loo. We already have plans for next week­end. I can see it being quite event­ful!

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