An Early Birthday

Passion Flakie

My birth­day is not until Fri­day the 7th, but I already got my birth­day present from Troy deliv­ered to our doorstep this past Fri­day. Troy ordered it online and thought he’d have to pick it up in-store, but no. They deliv­ered it, and I was only too hap­py to receive it. :) It was a Canon CanoScan 8400F. Now I can order the pho­to­lab to process my rolls of medi­um for­mat film and no prints because I have the scan­ner to scan the neg­a­tive so I can see the results on the com­put­er. Yay! Medi­um for­mat film pro­cess­ing is pret­ty inex­pen­sive com­pared to print­ing, so we are sav­ing mon­ey.
I also already had my birth­day din­ner with Troy’s par­ents and got the present from them on Sun­day. Mean­ing I might not be get­ting any more presents on my birth­day. Boohoo! Let’s just hope that Troy be a dar­ling and get me more presents. ;) I lurve presents! And all I want for my birth­day cake is a $3 Sara Lee choco­late cheese­cake. So good!
Now I just want me a Pas­sion Flakie. I don’t know why we didn’t pick up a pack last night. All this snow is mak­ing me feel like snack­ing non-stop. Oh yes. It’s been snow­ing again these last cou­ple of days. Just when you thought that spring had sprung. Stu­pid weath­er.

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  1. Hi Fir­da,
    long time we did not talk
    Before I for­get — Hap­py Birth­day in advance :-)
    I fol­low with plea­sure your blogs
    are you still for hire, I may call you this sum­mer to work on Isabelle’s blog

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