After the Weekend

Planter Box

Anoth­er week­end has come and gone. I don’t think we did much. Went to see The Da Vin­ci Code on Fri­day night, which was enter­tain­ing. I haven’t read the book and any­thing enter­tain­ing is good in my book so that’s all I care about about the movie. Troy has post­ed a review if you’re inter­est­ed (warn­ing: spoil­ers!).

On Sat­ur­day we went to the Kitch­en­er farm­ers’ mar­ket where we bought some samosas, veg­eta­bles, and a cute African vio­let. The friend­ly old lady who sold us the African vio­let told us that she had twen­ty of them at home. Now I aspire to have twen­ty African vio­lets myself. She also gave us some inter­est­ing infor­ma­tion on the tak­ing care of African vio­lets. And to think that we only spent $1.50 on one of her plants. Imag­ine how much more infor­ma­tion we’d get had we bought twen­ty of them. And then we went for a hike and pho­to tak­ing some­where in the mid­dle of nowhere where we saw a snake and the dog of my dreams. Not sure what breed the dog is but it’s big and black and it doesn’t look dumb. I wish I’d tak­en a pic­ture of it. Oh well.

On Sun­day we went to the Aber­foyle antique mar­ket, which is said to be the old­est and largest in Cana­da, to find some old cam­eras to add into our col­lec­tion. We picked up two cam­eras from the 1930s for $5 each. Then we decid­ed to go to anoth­er place in the mid­dle of nowhere for anoth­er hike and pho­to tak­ing, but once we got there, we changed our minds and decid­ed to go get a cheese­cake instead. Heh. I’m real­ly not a big fan of hik­ing in late spring or in sum­mer because there are just way too many bugs. I hate bugs. Ear­ly spring or autumn is the best time for hik­ing.

Any­way, over at Blue Goo Ate My Mom, Troy is hav­ing a game going. It’s called The TV Guide Game where he posts syn­op­sii of TV shows he found in old TV Guides and you get to guess the title of the TV shows. It’s already too late to par­tic­i­pate in the 1st and 2nd rounds, but the 3rd round is cur­rent­ly on. I don’t know how many rounds Troy is plan­ning to throw in but I heard that the win­ner is going to get a book or some­thing. The only rule is, no Googling! Are you up to the chal­lenge?

Now please excuse me while I try to beat Troy at Crib­bage. Oh, and here’s a link to Roy­al Crib­bage, a free­ware pro­gram that allows you to play Crib­bage against the com­put­er. If you know how to play Crib­bage, you might enjoy it.

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  1. Fir­da, you’re an amaz­ing woman! I’ve just used your weblog gen­er­a­tor and it’s just the tool I need­ed to make the tem­plate I want­ed. I pros­trate myself at your feet, and will drop your name all over the place. Of course, there’s always a tweak or two to be made, and the ques­tion I have is dri­ving me crazy, but I don’t want to bur­den your blog with it. If you are will­ing to help, could you email me?
    BTW was the movie real­ly enter­tain­ing? I was keen to go, main­ly for the scenery, but have been told that they didn’t give that much atten­tion. So now I’m wait­ing for it to come out on DVD. Seems like such a wast­ed oppor­tu­ni­ty, what with all those amaz­ing loca­tions. Cheers.

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