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Another weekend has come and gone. I don't think we did much. Went to see The Da Vinci Code on Friday night, which was entertaining. I haven't read the book and anything entertaining is good in my book so that's all I care about about the movie. Troy has posted a review if you're interested (warning: spoilers!).

On Saturday we went to the Kitchener farmers' market where we bought some samosas, vegetables, and a cute African violet. The friendly old lady who sold us the African violet told us that she had twenty of them at home. Now I aspire to have twenty African violets myself. She also gave us some interesting information on the taking care of African violets. And to think that we only spent $1.50 on one of her plants. Imagine how much more information we'd get had we bought twenty of them. And then we went for a hike and photo taking somewhere in the middle of nowhere where we saw a snake and the dog of my dreams. Not sure what breed the dog is but it's big and black and it doesn't look dumb. I wish I'd taken a picture of it. Oh well.

On Sunday we went to the Aberfoyle antique market, which is said to be the oldest and largest in Canada, to find some old cameras to add into our collection. We picked up two cameras from the 1930s for $5 each. Then we decided to go to another place in the middle of nowhere for another hike and photo taking, but once we got there, we changed our minds and decided to go get a cheesecake instead. Heh. I'm really not a big fan of hiking in late spring or in summer because there are just way too many bugs. I hate bugs. Early spring or autumn is the best time for hiking.

Anyway, over at Blue Goo Ate My Mom, Troy is having a game going. It's called The TV Guide Game where he posts synopsii of TV shows he found in old TV Guides and you get to guess the title of the TV shows. It's already too late to participate in the 1st and 2nd rounds, but the 3rd round is currently on. I don't know how many rounds Troy is planning to throw in but I heard that the winner is going to get a book or something. The only rule is, no Googling! Are you up to the challenge?

Now please excuse me while I try to beat Troy at Cribbage. Oh, and here's a link to Royal Cribbage, a freeware program that allows you to play Cribbage against the computer. If you know how to play Cribbage, you might enjoy it.

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  1. Ampersand Duck
    June 15, 2006

    Fir­da, you’re an amaz­ing wom­an! I’ve just used your weblog gen­er­a­tor and it’s just the tool I need­ed to make the tem­plate I want­ed. I pros­trate myself at your feet, and will drop your name all over the place. Of course, there’s always a tweak or two to be made, and the ques­tion I have is dri­ving me crazy, but I don’t want to bur­den your blog with it. If you are will­ing to help, could you email me?
    BTW was the movie real­ly enter­tain­ing? I was keen to go, main­ly for the scenery, but have been told that they didn’t give that much atten­tion. So now I’m wait­ing for it to come out on DVD. Seems like such a wast­ed oppor­tu­ni­ty, what with all those amaz­ing loca­tions. Cheers.


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