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Well, we didn't care enough about the Oscars to watch the ceremony, but reading the winners list is always interesting. And, OMG, MY BOYFRIEND WON AN OSCAR!!! Well, Philip Seymour Hoffman is not really my boyfriend, but Troy always refers to him as my boyfriend, him being my favourite actor and all.

We wanted to see Capote on Saturday, but alas, our local independent cinema only showed it once a day and it was early in the afternoon and we were already too late to catch the show. We saw Transamerica instead, which was pretty entertaining, though Troy thought that he saw more penises in the movie than he'd cared to see.

Anyway, out of all the Oscar-winning movies, we've only seen a few: Wallace & Gromit: the Curse of the Were-Rabbit, the Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, March of the Penguins, Crash, and Walk the Line. I'm kind of surprised that Crash won the Best Picture. I mean, it is a good movie, but not quite Oscar-worthy IMHO. But then again, compared to the other nominees in the category, it's probably the least boring one.

Damn, I really, really, really want to see Capote...


  1. Firda
    March 6, 2006

    Yeah, except that they only play it at 2:45pm like every sin­gle frick­in’ day.

  2. anonymous?
    March 6, 2006

    Hi any­way, Fir­da. Always great to see you :)

  3. Troy
    March 6, 2006

    We will see it. Don’t you wor­ry about that :)

  4. anonymous?
    March 6, 2006

    All this queer dix­ie filth is killing me! Leave my under­ground alone dammit!! ;)
    Straight main­stream shit.. grum­ble grum­ble.. link?

    Seems like the TITLE ele­ment doesn’t sup­port super­script­ing, in Fire­fox any­way — how stu­pid.

  5. Serge Lescouarnec
    March 7, 2006

    Took the lib­er­ty to include you and one of your pho­tos in a selec­tion of 5 wom­en blog­gers ahead of inter­na­tion­al women’s day.
    Have good day


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