A Week in Review

Trees, Glorious Trees

Well, I think it’s about time that I write a prop­er post and give you an update on my won­der­ful and excit­ing life (note the sar­casm — but my life isn’t real­ly bad). Let’s start from Thurs­day last week.

Thurs­day I re-arranged the liv­ing room and now this place feels more like Casa Troy and Fir­da rather than Troy’s bach­e­lor pad. Yay! Should’ve done it two years ago. Troy wasn’t too fond of the new arrange­ment at first but I think he’s warmed up to it.

Fri­day we went to the funer­al of Troy’s great-aunt. She was a love­ly lady, and a good pho­tog­ra­ph­er. Her hus­band passed away in Decem­ber last year and now, I guess, they’re togeth­er again.

Sat­ur­day was the much antic­i­pat­ed Wii Week­end with Ran­nie and Jay. We don’t enter­tain much and it showed, but Troy and I had fun, and I knocked Troy out at the Wii Sports Box­ing game, which was awe­some. Once Ran­nie and Jay left, we just knew we had to get one of those ever so elu­sive Wiis.

Sun­day I wasn’t feel­ing too great and my head was pound­ing but we didn’t feel like stay­ing in so we went to a local ceme­tery to take pic­tures. Didn’t last very long there because it was very cold so we decid­ed to just check out some stores to find a Wii. Of course we didn’t suc­ceed.

Mon­day we start­ed check­ing the Con­sole Watch web­site obses­sive­ly for the Wii and its acces­sories. Troy did some research and found that EB Games replen­ished their Wii stock on Tues­days or Wednes­days.

Tues­day Troy went to an EB Games store and got us one of those Wiis. Yay! It was also my 7th blo­giver­sary, but I was too excit­ed about the Wii to real­ly care. I’m going to have to write a prop­er blo­giver­sary post one of these days.

Wednes­day I start­ed my new morn­ing rit­u­al of play­ing some Wii Sports to get my body to work out and get some sweat out. Yes, play­ing Wii Sports is some kind of exer­cise and some kind of exer­cise is bet­ter than none at all.

And that was my week in review. Told you it was excit­ing. :P Oh, for­got to men­tion that my peace lily is pro­duc­ing a flower! It’s been around two years since the last time it bloomed. I must’ve done some­thing right! Now if only I could make my African vio­let to pro­duce some flow­ers, I’d be one hap­py lla­ma. Any tips?

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