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8 Good Reasons to Visit Iceland in Mid- to Late May

March 13, 2014

If you’re con­sid­er­ing a road trip around Ice­land, please take me with you I’m going to try to per­suade you into doing it in mid- to late May instead of any oth­er time. Why? Because I think we picked the per­fect time to go! We had such a great time see­ing the coun­try at this par­tic­u­lar time of year and I’d like you to expe­ri­ence the same. :-)

Before we con­tin­ue, I should prob­a­bly let you know the kind of trav­ellers we are. We are bud­get trav­ellers for sure but we are not the back­pack­ing or even the camp­ing type. Our backs prefer not to car­ry any­thing heavy for pro­longed amount of time and we like to lay our backs on a soft, warm bed at the end of the day. We’re get­ting old! We also enjoy a good amount of pri­va­cy dur­ing our trav­els. That said, on with the list!

The­se are the rea­sons why you should vis­it Ice­land in mid- to late May:

  • Less expen­sive air­fares, espe­cial­ly if you book months in advance. We booked about 6 months in advance and saved a cou­ple of hun­dred of dol­lars that way. We flew with Ice­landair, direct from Toron­to. It was nice enough. They gave each pas­sen­ger a bot­tle of pure Ice­landic water upon board­ing. In-flight enter­tain­ment was pret­ty good. In-flight food was meh. Could go with­out the cry­ing baby sit­ting next to us, though. But it wasn’t the baby’s fault. Moth­er Nature made it up to me by show­ing me the North­ern Lights through the air­plane win­dow. Pret­ty cool! 
  • Less expen­sive car rental. Once the high sea­son is on, the rental fee prac­ti­cal­ly dou­bles! We rent­ed a small, com­pact car because we weren’t plan­ning on going to the high­lands (or as they like to call it, the Inte­ri­or) as the moun­tain roads would still be closed for the sea­son any­way. It served us well. We rent­ed our car from Blue Car Rental because it had decent reviews and a lit­tle less expen­sive than the com­peti­tors. We had no prob­lems with them.
    The little Suzuki Swift that took us around Iceland.
    The lit­tle Suzuki Swift that took us around Ice­land.
  • Less expen­sive accom­mo­da­tions. This is anoth­er thing that would cost dou­ble in the sum­mer. We stayed most­ly at the Ice­landic Farm Hol­i­days farms. To save mon­ey, we alter­nat­ed between a room with a shared bath­room and one with a pri­vate bath­room. The price dif­fer­ence could be up to $50, which is like one din­ner for two! The rooms at the farms were basic but nice, warm and clean, which is all we care about, real­ly. They also came with con­ti­nen­tal break­fast, which was anoth­er mon­ey-saver for us. In Reyk­javik, how­ev­er, we stayed at an Airbnb apart­ment down­town because it was cheap­er than a hotel room. We had a love­ly stay in a top-floor apart­ment very close to the big church, Hall­grim­skirk­ja. If you’re not an Airbnb mem­ber yet, sign up using our refer­ral link and you’ll get a $40 CAD ($35 USD) cred­it for your first stay! We’ll get some cred­it too so it’s a win-win sit­u­a­tion. :-)
  • Less busy tourist attrac­tions. The Gold­en Cir­cle would still be busy as it is one of the major tourist attrac­tions that every tour bus oper­a­tor would take the tourists to vis­it, but I would imag­ine it would be mul­ti­ple times busier dur­ing the high sea­son. In some places, we were still able to find our­selves alone with nature and no hordes of tourists around us. It was love­ly. It also helps that we went to many lesser known tourist attrac­tions in addi­tion to the major ones. (Note: Might not apply any­more; Ice­land seems to be busy all year long now.) 
  • Longer days than if you vis­it dur­ing the win­ter or autumn. When we were there, it was nev­er real­ly com­plete­ly dark. At mid­night, it still looked like sun­set and it stayed that way until morn­ing. Longer days means more hours to explore and more things you can see. And there is a lot to see in Ice­land!
  • Friend­lier weath­er, at least com­pared to win­ter weath­er. Tem­per­a­tures would be gen­er­al­ly above 5° Cel­sius and we only expe­ri­enced snow may­be once in the two weeks we spent in Ice­land, and it was right in a val­ley sur­round­ed by moun­tains by an old, most­ly for­got­ten swim­ming pool called Sel­javal­lalaug that we hiked to one morn­ing. Even that didn’t last very long. Any­way, it would still be wet and windy, but that’s Ice­landic weath­er in gen­er­al. Do pack a good rain coat/windbreaker and be sure to check the weath­er and road con­di­tions before you head out for the day!
    We found Seljavallalaug swimming pool, and then it started snowing.
    We found Sel­javal­lalaug swim­ming pool, and then it start­ed snow­ing.
  • Lamb­ing sea­son is on, and it means cute over­load at every turn! Baby sheep are super cute and you’ll see them every­where but espe­cial­ly in South Ice­land near the town of Vik. You bet­ter watch out, though, because baby sheep have zero under­stand­ing of where they should and should not be so you’ll occa­sion­al­ly find them hang out in the mid­dle of the road. Please don’t hit them.
    My husband had a nice little chat with these little guys.
    My hus­band had a nice lit­tle chat with the­se lit­tle guys.
  • Last but not least, puffins! Puffin sea­son is usu­al­ly between mid-April to mid-August, so mid-May is a good time to view them. We didn’t get to see them in South Ice­land where they were sup­posed to be in abun­dance but we did get to see them at a bird-view­ing area near Bakk­agerði in east­ern Ice­land. They are very enter­tain­ing to watch. You should see them at least once!
    My favourite puffin in the whole Iceland.
    My favourite puffin in the whole Ice­land.

So, did I con­vince you? ;-) I hope so! If you need rec­om­men­da­tions on places in Ice­land to vis­it, please feel free to con­tact me or leave a com­ment below and I’ll try to answer the best I can with what I know from expe­ri­ence.

I miss Ice­land so much! :-(

Adden­dum: If you are a Game of Thrones fan, don’t miss my post about our vis­it to sev­er­al Game of Thrones shoot­ing loca­tions in North Ice­land! Try­ing to fig­ure out your way around Ice­land? This post might help!


  1. Hi Fir­da! I’m so glad to have found your write up on your trip to Ice­land. My hus­band and I are look­ing to trav­el day in mid-May as well. So I have a cou­ple of ques­tions for you if you don’t mind shar­ing your itin­er­ary . We are look­ing to do the ring road and a lot of hik­ing and it will be some­what a bud­get trip of 10 days. I’m a nature lover and enjoy sight­see­ing of land­scape and such and in love with those puffins. So here are my ques­tions to you.

    - How many days were you there?
    — How many days did you spend in Reyk­javik?
    — How was the road? Did you encoun­ter any obsta­cles dur­ing your ride around ice­land such as road close? river cross­ing?
    — Did you book hotels/apt/farmhouse before you arrived in Ice­land? or did you just stop and stay whichev­er hotel you came acroos as you trav­eled around Ice­land?
    — Did you rent GPS with the car? 

    Thank you so much in advance for your answers. I look for­ward to hear­ing from you!


    1. Hey Kim, thanks for your ques­tions and here are my answers:

      1. We were there for 15 days so we had an ample amount of time to go off the ring road to explore.
      2. We spent 2 nights in Reyk­javik with only one full day at the end of our trip and wish we’d had allo­cat­ed more time to spend there because we didn’t get to see much of Reyk­javik at all! We booked an apart­ment in Reyk­javik through Airbnb which I can rec­om­mend if you’re inter­est­ed.
      3. The ring road was gen­er­al­ly in good con­di­tion, but in the north­east­ern Ice­land, there’s a stretch of the ring road where you have to dri­ve through a moun­tain pass and the road might still be a lit­tle snow-cov­ered up there, but noth­ing to wor­ry about if you’re used to snowy win­ter dri­ving. We also had a day in east­ern Ice­land with some real­ly strong wind and I think the road author­i­ty might have had to close that stretch of the road because of it, but luck­i­ly not before we drove through it. We always checked the road con­di­tions before we were off to ven­ture in the morn­ing. Here’s a handy link to Ice­land road con­di­tion maps.
      4. We booked all of our accom­mo­da­tions three months in advance (we like to plan ahead) but we prob­a­bly could’ve got away with book­ing on the day, except for the places in South
        Ice­land around Vik and Jokul­sar­lon. Those places are always busy so make sure to book in advance.
      5. We didn’t rent a GPS. There were only a few times that we actu­al­ly need­ed a GPS but we had a tablet with us with a data plan from a local ISP (a pre­paid GSM card) so all we did was open up Google Maps on the tablet, entered where we want­ed to go, and off we went! :-) We also had a real paper map of Ice­land which came in handy at times.

      Hope that helps! If you have any more ques­tions, feel free to ask! I had such a great time answer­ing your ques­tions because they brought back great mem­o­ries, I wouldn’t mind answer­ing more! :-)

    2. Hi Fir­da, thanks for your tips to fel­low trav­ellers’ queries. Look­ing through all, I don’t seem to see any queries on mon­ey chang­ing. We are a bunch of 13 from Sin­ga­pore. Had got­ten a local trav­el agent to do a pri­vate tour for us. So itin­er­ary and hotel accom­mo­da­tions all planned.
      Please let us know how and where we could get our Euro changed to Ice­landic Kro­na. Which gives the bet­ter rates of exchange? Eas­i­ly find a mon­ey change?
      Also noticed that it is about 5-7de­grees, so we real­ly need to pack win­ter attire with gloves, scarves etc? Do we need ther­mal inner wear?
      Is it alright to wear sports shoes, eg Adi­das run­ning shoes?
      Thank you a zil­lion
      Siew Wah

  2. Hi Fir­da,

    Thank you for the info. I final­ly booked a flight to Ice­land a few weeks ago for mid-late May trip. It will be 11 days (10 nights) trip. Now the plan­ning is on! After doing a lit­tle research and plan­ning, I do have a few more ques­tions for you.

    - Do you mind shar­ing your itin­er­ary? I’m think­ing that I will start coun­ter­clock­wise around the ring road.

    - was there any area that you spent more than 2 nights aside from Reyk­javik?

    - Did you have time to go to West­fjord area?

    - Did you do a lot of hik­ing? I def­i­nite­ly don’t want to feel rush to get back to the car and start dri­ving to the next town.

    - Did you get to see puffins? If so, in which area did you see them?

    Thanks again in advance for reply­ing to my ques­tions! :)


    1. Hey Kim. Since it looks like Fir­da hasn’t replied I will do so:

      - to make it all the way around the island we didn’t spend more than one night in the same place — though most of the places were only an hour or two apart. We liked switch­ing it up but made sure that the dri­ve from one loca­tion to the didn’t take the whole day. We also took a lot of side trips from the main road if we found out about some­thing that sound­ed inter­est­ing.

      - we did not make it to the west­fjord area. From what we’ve been told the roads are hor­ri­ble and the weath­er is still ques­tion­able in May. We are plan­ning the west­fjords for our next trip (when­ev­er that is).

      - we didn’t do a lot of hik­ing — though there is a lot of trails out there. We aren’t big hik­ers so we selec­tive­ly decide on which ones to do (so we didn’t burn our­selves out ear­ly in the day). In May a lot of the hik­ing trails may still be closed.

      - we did see Puffins in Bor­gar­fjor­dur Eystri (on the east coast of Ice­land). We stayed at the only place inn in town (which is also a spa) and drove out to the end of the road where there is a huge rock with puffins. They are still wait­ing to head out to sea in May so there are ton­nes of them.

      One thing I should also men­tion. We didn’t have a car GPS but we did have Firda’s tablet and a reg­u­lar GPS. The reg­u­lar GPS was good for plug­ging in coor­di­nates and find­ing those places we were stay­ing at which were off the beat­en path. The biggest prob­lem with car GPS is that there is one brand with the map of Ice­land. You might be able to rent one from the car rental place but it was pricey.

      1. Dear Friend
        I am plan­ning a trip myself to ICELAND in May 2017. Do you have some sug­ges­tions of where to stay in the North of North West of Ice­land. I real­ly want to go to the most North­ern point of Ice­land with­out requir­ing to hire a 4 x 4.

    2. What Troy said! But I can add a lit­tle to it:

      - As far as itin­er­ary goes, we pret­ty much just fol­lowed this sam­ple itin­er­ary from Hostelling Inter­na­tion­al and added a side trip to Heimaey in the West­mann Islands and Bor­gar­fjor­dur Eystri in East Ice­land.

      - We didn’t stay more than one night at one place but we stayed at least two nights in every region, i.e. four nights in South/Southeast Ice­land, two nights in East Ice­land, two nights in North­east Ice­land, two nights in North­west Ice­land, two nights in West Iceland/Snaefellsnes Penin­su­la, and two nights in Reyk­javik.

      And I think Troy already cov­ered the rest. :-) Hope our answers help!

  3. Hi,
    I have been read­ing your Ice­land tips and have booked to go 28 May to 4 June 2015. The weath­er looks/sounds mixed .… haven’t a clue how to pre­pare re what cloth­ing to take.…apart from the water­proof!!
    Sor­ry for all of the ques­tions in advance.……
    The trip is a sur­prise for my part­ner, he has always want­ed to go so i want to make it as spe­cial as i can, but don’t have an open end­ed bud­get. Any tips on how to make the most of get­ting to see and expe­ri­ence the key inter­ests? Think­ing of whale watch­ing, the vol­ca­noes, lights, but we love good din­ing too so did you go to any nice restau­rants?
    Any­thing to avoid?
    Is it cheap­er to book a car in advance, or when we arrive? What docs do you need to have etc? I have nev­er dri­ven abroad before.
    Any advice / tips etc etc would be MOST wel­come.
    Many thanks.

    1. ps. just read­ing some more com­ments. i have booked to stay in same hotel for a week.…is this a bad idea? Most of you seem to trav­el to dif­fer­ent loca­tions. Thanks

      1. Dee Scott, I’ve been read­ing up on Ice­land and found this blog. It looks like my part­ner and I, along with anoth­er cou­ple will be in Ice­land the exact same dates as you! We are fly­ing in from Port­land, OR. We are rent­ing a car and dri­ving to dif­fer­ent areas. It sounds like there are plen­ty of one day tours from Reyk­javik to see the major tourist attrac­tions but seems like if you want to find the “off the beat­en path” type of spots, you’d need to ven­ture to dif­fer­ent areas. Have you dis­cov­ered any advice or plans you’d like to share about the time we’re going?

  4. Hey frida,

    Nice­ly writ­ten blog.
    I have booked a self dri­ve trip across the route 1 for may 2014 start­ing may 12. I have no expe­ri­ence dri­ving on the right side as well as dri­ving in Snow kind of ter­rain. Will this have any effect on my trip.
    I have to cov­er a long dis­tance once in my trip, i.e. through hofn to akureyri (east ice­land)

  5. Hi,

    We are head­ing to Ice­land on May 12th and plan on main­ly see­ing South Ice­land since we’re only there for 7 nights. Can you advise as to how wet it actu­al­ly gets? I’m get­ting a rain jack­et and plan on bring­ing many lay­ers (I’m Cana­di­an so the snow doesn’t both­er me). But am con­tem­plat­ing what type of shoes I need to get. 

    Is the rain tor­ren­tial or more of a con­stant driz­zle?

    1. It’s more like a con­stant driz­zle (at least it was when we were there) but it’s also very, very windy. The wind would be more of a con­cern than the rain, real­ly, so make sure you pack a good toque that cov­ers your ears (seri­ous­ly, the strong wind could make your ear-drums hurt, first-hand expe­ri­ence!). Tem­per­a­tures would still be in the one dig­it range. As for shoes, a pair of water­proof boots (prefer­ably with anti-slip soles) is a must. Not many things are worse than trav­el­ling with wet socks! Have a good trip!

    2. Same trav­el dates, Van :)! I have been back and forth about whether to stick to one area or trav­el the ring road. I’m so torn!

  6. Love your blog! Beau­ti­ful pho­tos.
    Just back from a week in Ice­land; breath­tak­ing West Ice­land, Reyk­javik & the Gold­en Cir­cle. The weath­er late Sep­tem­ber was sur­pris­ing­ly nice. Only one very windy & rainy day, how­ev­er it was still beau­ti­ful.
    After read­ing your blog I think the mon­th of May would be a per­fect time for a 2nd vis­it. Puffins & North­ern lights!

    1. It bare­ly gets dark in Ice­land in May so I’d say the chance to see auro­ra at that time of year is next to zero. I took an overnight flight to Ice­land and was lucky enough to see the auro­ra from way up there through the win­dow dur­ing the flight, but it was def­i­nite­ly not over Ice­land.

  7. Hi! Thank you for your arti­cle. I’m going to Ice­land in May but only for a few days. I want to hike to the dor­mant vol­cano and go inside. I also want to go into the ice caves. One day to walk around the city of Reyk­javik and of course vis­it the Blue Lagoon. I trav­el alone and thought 3 days is enough with­out get­ting bored. I would stay longer and do more excur­sions but they cost mon­ey. What would you say is the aver­age cost per night for hotels? I’m not rent­ing a car and want to be close to the city, restau­rants, shops, mar­kets, etc.
    Any sug­ge­tions would be great­ly appre­ci­at­ed.

    1. You might want to check if the ice caves are open in May. As far as I know, they’re only open in tue win­ter months (Novem­ber to March) because the ice will be melt­ing in the spring, mak­ing it unsafe for peo­ple to vis­it. We stayed in an apart­ment in down­town Reyk­javik rent­ed through Airbnb.com two yeaes ago. I think it cost just under 100 Cana­di­an dol­lars per night. A hotel room in the same area would have cost at least dou­ble the amount. I’d imag­ine hotel rooms would cost a lot more now because tourism is boom­ing in Ice­land and hotel rooms are always high in demand. Check out Airbnb if you’re trav­el­ling on a bud­get.

  8. Hi Fir­da,
    Your blog is more than help­ful and it def­i­nite­ly helped me choose dates for my upcom­ing trip to Ice­land — late May. I am also trav­el­ling on a tight bud­get and any addi­tion­al tips you may have are more than wel­come.
    At the moment I’m plan­ning my route (as I’m plan­ning on going all around the island — Ring Road) and I was won­der­ing if about 9 days would be enough to pull it off?
    Did you have to pre order pre­paid sim card or they’re avail­able any­where when there?
    What about gas? Are gas sta­tions hard to find and I should top up every chance I see one or they have decent amount of them on the road?
    When you went hik­ing would you just park the car any­where and go or are there park­ing places where you have to leave them? (Ask­ing the­se ques­tions as — com­ing from Europe myself — I know how strict we are with laws and I’ve read that their fines are very high for any traf­fic vio­la­tion).
    And last one (I promise :) ) — if you could share your itin­er­ary with me?

    1. We actu­al­ly met peo­ple who were doing the dri­ve around Ice­land in 5 days! You might not be able to stray too far off the ring road but you should be able to pull it off.

      We bought a SIM card at the air­port. Shouldn’t be a prob­lem.

      If you rent a small car like we did, you’re not like­ly to have to fill up too often. I think we filled up only 3 or 4 times dur­ing our 2-week trip. Every town will have a gas sta­tion. As long as you don’t go off the ring road, you won’t have to wor­ry about run­ning out of gas in the mid­dle of nowhere.

      There is usu­al­ly a des­ig­nat­ed park­ing area by every marked trail­head. If not, just make sure that you’re not block­ing anyone’s way where you park and you should be fine.

      Not real­ly know­ing much about the coun­try, we pret­ty much just fol­lowed this sam­ple itin­er­ary from Hostelling Inter­na­tion­al. It did the trick.

      Hope that helps! :-)

  9. My daughter(age 9) and I are trav­el­ing to Ice­land may 11 to 15. I plan on rent­ing a car. Could you rec­om­mend an itin­er­ary as we seem to have the same trav­el style. Do I real­ly need a 4 wheel dri­ve?

    1. Unless you plan on dri­ving on unpaved roads (F-roads), you won’t need a 4WD. The ring road, espe­cial­ly in the south of Ice­land, is gen­er­al­ly in great con­di­tion and most F-roads will still be closed in May/won’t be open until June any­way. I’d rec­om­mend you check out the­se sam­ple itin­er­aries. Should give you some ideas.

  10. Fir­da!
    How expen­sive do you think Ice­land is trav­el-wise com­pared to the US?
    Also where did you get your hat?


    1. We went to Ice­land in 2013 and car rental was expen­sive because we need­ed a car with auto­mat­ic trans­mis­sion (still expen­sive now). If you know how to dri­ve stick, man­u­al trans­mis­sion car rental should be a lot cheap­er. Gas was and still is expen­sive. About $2 a liter. Restau­rant food was also expen­sive. About the price of food in mid-range restau­rants in North Amer­i­ca but with­out the fan­cy bits. That hasn’t seemed to change. Accom­mo­da­tions were expen­sive back then for what you got but now you can get a nice hotel room for under $100 in low sea­son if booked months in advance. 

      I got the hat from Knitwits.com but they don’t seem to stock that par­tic­u­lar hat any­more.

  11. Hi Fir­da,

    Thank you for writ­ing this post! I am plan­ning on going to Ice­land in mid to late May this year and am won­der­ing if you encoun­tered any annoy­ing bugs are your trip?
    I am hop­ing to avoid peak bug sea­son!

    Thank you!


  12. Hi Fir­da,

    Thanks to your awe­some post, I’ve booked my trip to Ice­land for the 1st week of May 2016! I want­ed to ask you, is a reg­u­lar small car (eg. VW Golf) okay to dri­ve from Reyk­javik to Vik and poten­tial­ly beyond that along the south­ern coast to the Nation­al Park? Were the road con­di­tions bad in May? or just wet?

    Also, can I ask you what is the fre­quen­cy you see fast food restau­rants?


    1. As long as you stick to the ring road, a reg­u­lar small car should do the job. We were dri­ving around in mid- to late May and the road was in a pret­ty good shape, except for the parts that go over some moun­tain pass­es in East Ice­land. Those were still snow-cov­ered and also steep and wind­ing so a bit scary. :-D For the most part, it was just wet. I’d rec­om­mend get­ting the sand/ash pro­tec­tion insur­ance with your car rental, just in case. The sand storm could do a num­ber to your car if you hap­pen to be in the area when it hap­pens.

      As for fast food restau­rants, I only saw those in Reyk­javik and up north in Akureyri, and even then there weren’t too many of them, but it might have changed now. They don’t have any McDonald’s for sure. We nev­er did but I think you can buy cheap hot­dogs from some of the big­ger gas sta­tions. There is a good and cheap-ish cafe­te­ria-style restau­rant in Vik by the gas sta­tion that serves decent fast food-style fares. You should check it out! My hus­band high­ly rec­om­mends the meat (lamb or beef, not sure) wrap.

      1. Thanks for the infor­ma­tion Fir­da! We are plan­ning to go as far as the Jokul­sar­lon Ice­berg Lagoon using the Ring Road (route 1?) from Reyk­javik so hope­ful­ly it will be fine but I will make sure to get the sand/ash pro­tec­tion and check out your husband’s rec­om­men­da­tion :)

        Just noticed you are also from South­ern Ontar­io! Shout out to Ontar­io, Canada! 

        Appre­ci­ate all your help!

        1. Plan­ning a trip around the same time. Honk when you see us…some Cana­di­an logo will be obvi­ous :)

    2. plan­ning a 5 day trip with my adult boys for ear­ly may or mid may.
      work­ing details now.
      i’m won­der­ing if we did fri­day-tues­day will that be enough time.
      we all have to go back to work.
      what would be the high­lights that you all would sug­gest.
      we are all walk­ers and run­ners

  13. Thanks for your post. I’m plan­ning a solo trip to Ice­land in May and your expe­ri­ence was help­ful. I too, enjoy the thrifty and fru­gal tips. I’ve heard that the local flea mar­ket is a great place to shop. Can’t wait to see a Puffin in the wild. Please email me with any oth­er blogs you feel may be help­ful. Bon Voy­age!! Peg­gy

    1. No north­ern lights in May since it doesn’t get dark. I only saw the north­ern lights from the plane over the north­ern part of Canada.

  14. Hi Fir­da,

    Thanks for your blog! I’m head­ing to Ice­land in May and I’m won­der­ing what to pack. Can you make sug­ges­tions for how warm of a coat to pack? Do I need water­proof pants? Thanks!!

  15. I’ve just dis­cov­ered your blog — love your Ice­land posts. I got back from a trip there last mon­th and am hop­ing to go again dur­ing a dif­fer­ent sea­son — your blog has so much use­ful infor­ma­tion, and the pho­tos are awe­some!

  16. Hi- fol­low­ing your rec­om­men­da­tion. Leav­ing from Toron­to to Reyk­javik for a week from May 21 to 28. Could you rec­om­mend what to see on Gold­en Cir­cle? Plan­ning to rent a car and do a self dri­ve. Will also research on farm accom­mo­da­tions as you sug­gest­ed.

    Many thanks again for your post. I can be reached at sharma.vibha@gmail.com

  17. HI , is it easy to obtain Ice­landic Kro­na to EURO or GBP or USD?
    Thanks a lot for your write. its very use­ful. We are going from 2nd July to 11 July 2016

  18. Hel­lo Fir­da! So hap­py to stum­ble upon your blog :) I hope you don’t mind if I pick your brain! I’m plan­ning a trip from Toron­to May 12–21, 2017 for my new-to-trav­el­ling mom’s 60th birth­day! I’m won­der­ing what you think about our loose­ly planned itin­er­ary:
    *Sat: Arrive 4:40am. Stay in Reyk­javik.
    *Sun: Rent car. Leave for gold­en cir­cle, Sko­gafoss, Myrdal. Sleep Vik.
    *Mon: Vik- sleep Hofn
    *Tues: Hofn- sleep Egilsstadir
    *Wed: Egil- sleep Akureyri
    *Thurs: Day 2 sleep Akureyri
    *Fri: Akureyri — sleep Reyk­javik
    *Sat: last night sleep Reyk­javik

    Does this sound incred­i­bly rushed? We don’t have a lot of time off work, but also don’t want to be stressed out. Was there a place you loooved and wished you had more time in? Or a place you could’ve missed? Thank you so much for any tips, in advance!

    1. I’ve been mean­ing to reply to this but kept for­get­ting. So sor­ry! Your plan seems fine but the dri­ve from Hofn to Egilsstadir is long and involves dri­ving over a moun­tain pass that might still be snowy so you might want to con­sid­er stay­ing the night before the moun­tain pass in the Breiđ­dalsvik area instead of Egilsstadir. The next day, I would rec­om­mend stay­ing the night in the Myvatn area because there is a lot to see there and then spend the night in Akureyri the next night as planned (there isn’t much to see in Akureyri, imho). The next night, unless you real­ly have to have a full day in Reyk­javik, I’d rec­om­mend stay­ing the night in the Snae­fell­snes penin­su­la and do the dri­ve around it the next day on your way to Reyk­javik. It’s quite a beau­ti­ful dri­ve. But what­ev­er you decide to do, I’m sure it’ll be a great trip . :-) Have fun in Ice­land!

  19. Fir­da,

    I stum­bled on your blog and so hap­py to have come across it. I’m plan­ning a trip with 2 oth­er ladies 5/11/-5/15/17. We will have 3 full days to work with. Can you provide what you con­sid­er the top hi-lights that we can real­is­ti­cal­ly do. Obvi­ous­ly, I would love to spend 1–2 weeks in Ice­land but not going to hap­pen. I’m going to rent a car and won­der­ing if we should spend all nights in Reyk­javik and just do day trips. I appre­ci­ate your input.

    1. I’d rec­om­mend doing the Gold­en Cir­cle on the first day, dri­ving up to Vik on the sec­ond day and stop­ping at the many pop­u­lar attrac­tions along the way (Sel­ja­land­foss and Sko­gafoss water­falls, Sel­javal­lalaug swim­ming pool, Dyrho­laey, Reyn­is­f­jara, the black sand beach at Vik) and spend the last day explor­ing the city of Reyk­javik. If you’re ambi­tious, you could push it fur­ther by doing the long dri­ve to Jökul­sár­lón, the glac­i­er lagoon (about 3 hours from Vik, 4.5 to 5 hours from Reyk­javik), and back to Reyk­javik on your last full day but it’s going to take all day! It’s a beau­ti­ful dri­ve, though, and the lagoon and the black sand beach across for it are fan­tas­tic.

  20. Hi Fir­da!
    Love your blog and pho­tog­ra­phy! My hus­band and I are tak­ing a trip to Ice­land this May, the 13th-20th. We arrive at KEF at 5:30am and depart the fol­low­ing Sat­ur­day at 8:30am. Most of the trav­el advice I have been read­ing has the first day spent in Reyk­javik, but what are your thoughts on start­ing on the road right away? I feel like if we start­ed dri­ving first with a few stops here and there, we could get to a rest­ing des­ti­na­tion ear­ly and get a good night’s sleep- how­ev­er I haven’t read that many peo­ple do that!
    The oth­er ben­e­fit would be spend­ing the Fri­day return­ing to Reyk­javik and spend­ing time there before leav­ing Sat­ur­day morn­ing. Also, I keep going back and forth between head­ing north first or south, I know there’s a lot to do right away in the south, but that might also break up the trip a lit­tle more towards the end after hav­ing been in the car for so long. Thanks for any advice!

    1. We start­ed hit­ting the road right away by explor­ing the Reyk­janes Penin­su­la (includ­ing hav­ing a love­ly bath in the Blue Lagoon) after we arrived ear­ly in the morn­ing but we were pret­ty much run­ning on adren­a­line since we didn’t man­age to get any sleep on the red eye flight (one of the perks of sit­ting next to a cry­ing baby) and we were already in bed by 4pm. I kept falling asleep in the car and hus­band would have too if he hadn’t had to dri­ve. :-D It’s def­i­nite­ly doable, but would be more enjoy­able if you actu­al­ly got some sleep on the plane. We stayed in Self­oss on our first night and hit the Gold­en Cir­cle from there on the sec­ond day. We spent our last full day in Reyk­javik but it wasn’t near­ly enough time to see every­thing (we actu­al­ly went back in Octo­ber last year just to see more of Reyk­javik). As for north or south, I’d say do the whole ring road if you can! We actu­al­ly met peo­ple who were doing the ring road in 5 days. The days are long in May so it’s def­i­nite­ly doable. You might have to spend a lot of time in the car but the ever-chang­ing scener­ies make it worth it and there are enough attrac­tions locat­ed just by the side of the road. That said, if you have FOMO (Fear Of Miss­ing Out), def­i­nite­ly do the south. Oth­er­wise, the north or the west would be a bet­ter choice with poten­tial­ly less tourist-packed attrac­tions.

  21. We r plan­ning to go in April would u mind telling me whats the attrac­tions r a must see. We will b in the town that starts with a ry I think. Get­ting excit­ed and try­ing to plan what to see. I han­ks for any info u can give me. Sin­cere­ly, Car­olyn Davis

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