5 Foods You Just Have To Try

I came across this “5 Foods You Just Have To Try” meme while I was brows­ing some food blogs and I thought I’d tag myself to do it, since I’m not feel­ing inspired enough to blab about any­thing else. Food is as good a top­ic as any. Since I’m Indone­sian and Indone­sians typ­i­cal­ly love their food, my list con­tains pri­mar­i­ly Indone­sian food with a link to the recipe so you could try to make it if you wish:
1. Gulai Otak, or Beef Brain Cur­ry. It may sound gross but it’s oh so good! Can’t find any place in Cana­da that serves this, sad­ly. I could make it myself but I’m not sure if I’d be able to find cow brain at the local meat shop. In case you’re won­der­ing, the brain tastes a bit like omelette but with cus­tard-like con­sis­ten­cy. Best eat­en with fresh­ly-cooked, long-grain rice. Yum! Here’s a pic­ture of this dish.
2. Bubur Ayam, or Chick­en Rice Por­ridge. I’ve post­ed about this rice dish before. It’s the ulti­mate com­fort food for Indone­sians. I think it’s because in Indone­sia it’s one of the first food moth­ers feed to their babies as soon as they can chew. Best eat­en when the day is cold, like now. I think I’m going to make it for lunch.
3. Pem­pek Palem­bang, or Fish Cake with Sweet and Sour Sauce. There are sev­er­al kinds of Pem­pek. My favourite kind is the one with a whole egg in it called Pem­pek Kapal Selam, or Sub­ma­rine Pem­pek (because it’s sup­posed to look like a sub­ma­rine). I’ve made this before but it just nev­er tast­ed the same with what we have in Indone­sia. Go here for pic­tures of this dish in its nat­ur­al envi­ron­ment.
4. Martabak Telor, or Deep Fried Beef Wrap. It’s very easy to make and once you had one, you would want to have more and more. I’ve made this before and my ver­sion tastes pret­ty much like the real thing. I’ve also had it in a restau­rant in Cana­da but they replaced the beef with lob­ster. It was just as good, though.
5. Pou­tine, as pic­tured above. It’s so good in an artery-clog­ging way. How could one not like french fries with cheese curds and gravy poured on top of it? Of course not all pou­tines are cre­at­ed equal. Some are bet­ter than oth­ers. It all depends on the gravy, I guess. And just because you’re hav­ing the pou­tine in Que­bec — which is where this dish comes from — doesn’t make it great. We learned that from expe­ri­ence. The best canned pou­tine gravy brand, how­ev­er, is St-Hubert, which is also a Que­be­coise rotis­serie chick­en restau­rant chain.
So, what are your five foods? Leave a com­ment or the link to your post if you decid­ed to do this meme on your blog to let me know. The next best thing to find­ing new music is find­ing new food to try out! Don’t you agree? ;)

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  1. Those deep-fried beef wraps look great, and easy to make. I might have to try them some­time.
    I’ve want­ed to try pou­tine for some time now, but of course it isn’t avail­able any­where near me.
    P.S. Your “Fab­u­lous!” but­ton is dangerous–if you’ve typed a com­ment and then click on the check­box, it will delete your entire com­ment!

  2. I’m scared about foods that I’ve nev­er had before, for the most part, how­ev­er every­thing on your list sounds good. I may have to skip the cur­ry though, I can’t do spicy.
    My five foods you just have to try are:
    Corn Souf­fle. Fried Okra. Three Cheese Tortelli­ni. and Spinach, Broc­coli, Ham and Cheese Quiche.
    That’s only four, but the Quiche counts as two to me.

  3. The beef brain cur­ry sounds absolute­ly abom­inable, but I would be will­ing to try the rest. Was tempt­ed to stop in last week­end at the Indone­sian restau­rant up in Tober­mory — it seemed a strange place to have a restau­rant like that, off in the mid­dle of nowhere but it comes with decent reviews. (Mick from Guelph)

  4. Heh. I thought that lit­tle Indone­sian restau­rant in the mid­dle of nowhere would have run out of busi­ness by now. Good to know it’s still around. :)

  5. Mick: Fir­da and I were won­der­ing if the Stone Orchid was still around in Tober­mory. We ate there two sum­mers ago when we trav­elled to Tober­mory. Very strange place to find an Indone­sian restau­rant. The food was decent, though not authen­tic enough for Fir­da. The own­ers are Dutch Indone­sians (of dutch ori­gins but born in Indone­sia).

  6. Fab­u­lous!
    I have to say I have tried brain before. It was pig brain from a pig roast and I was slight­ly forced in it.…
    Can’t say that I liked it, but your descr­pi­tion is per­fect!

  7. Ummm.…there’s a very good rea­son for not eat­ing cow brain any­more.
    Aside from the fact that it’s, well, -cow brain.-

  8. kisiera k me ori­en­taran sobre algu­na dieta, nece­si­to bajar un poco de peso pork estoy mas k subi­da de peso.
    por­fa­vor lo mas pron­to posi­ble.

  9. Grow­ing up I had what I now know as Mucky Fat Sand­wich­es for break­fast, I knew them as anoth­er name that I now know is incor­rect. But it’s amaz­ing in home­made toast in the morn­ing with a lit­tle cat­sup on top, even with some crisp bacon on top if you’re real­ly look­ing for a heart attack on a plat­ter. But the gelatin on the bot­tom is great great for you, the only bad part is the fat on top, and hon­est­ly theres not a whole lot, just a light lay­er once it’s refrig­er­at­ed and seper­ates. Rich and yum­my fall and win­ter day break­fast, addic­tive…

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