5 Firefox Extensions I Can’t Live Without

In the Rain

Hav­ing a new com­put­er, I had to do a fresh install of all my favourite soft­ware, includ­ing Fire­fox. While Fire­fox is good on its own, I was so used to hav­ing all the addi­tion­al fea­tures that Fire­fox exten­sions pro­vide that my life felt incom­plete when one of them was miss­ing. It may sound over­dra­mat­ic, but it’s true! Espe­cial­ly since I spend most of my time in front of the com­put­er.

I thought of writ­ing this post because I didn’t find the last exten­sion that I want­ed and sore­ly missed until this morn­ing. I’ll let you know which one it is as the list pro­gress­es. So here’s my list of five Fire­fox exten­sions I can’t live with­out (in no par­tic­u­lar oder):

  1. Grease­mon­key
    I’m using some user scripts that make view­ing my Flickr com­ments eas­i­er and allow me to down­load videos from YouTube. Can’t do that with­out Grease­mon­key.
  2. Paste and Go
    It’s so much eas­i­er to just paste URLs into the address box or to paste search terms into the search box with­out hav­ing to press enter. So I’m lazy. Sue me. You won’t get much.
  3. TinyURL Cre­ator
    This one comes in handy when I need to share all the cool cam­eras I came across on eBay with Troy. That’s all I need this exten­sion for, real­ly. But I browse eBay so much I can’t live with­out this exten­sion.
  4. Copy Plain Text
    I don’t like it when I paste some­thing to an email I’m writ­ing on Thun­der­bird and the copied text appears all for­mat­ted because I’m a text-only email kind of girl. This exten­sion helps get rid of that annoy­ance.
  5. text/plain
    For the life of me, I couldn’t remem­ber the name of this exten­sion so I had to try out a bunch of text URL con­vert­er exten­sions before I final­ly re-acquaint­ed with this one today. The thing is, I don’t want Fire­fox to con­vert text URLs to hyper­links. I just want to be able to select a text URL/email address and then decide what I want to do with it, which is exact­ly what this exten­sion allows me to do.

Hon­ourable men­tion goes to Adblock, Tab­Mix­Plus, Web Devel­op­er, and Bug­MeNot, but oth­er than Adblock and Tab­Mix­Plus (that I think are on everybody’s list), I don’t real­ly use the oth­er exten­sions all that often. Does the search select­ed text fea­ture come with Fire­fox or from an exten­sion? That’s anoth­er fea­ture I can’t live with­out. Oh, and I just installed an exten­sion called VideoDown­loader. I think it works even bet­ter than the Grease­mon­key script I’ve been using. Sweet.

I only have 12 exten­sions in total installed on Fire­fox so these are real­ly my top 5 exten­sions. For such a hard­core Inter­net user, my needs are quite sim­ple and I think it shows. If you’re a Fire­fox user, what are your favourite exten­sions? Is there any exten­sions you think I wouldn’t be able to live with­out if I had them installed? Let me know and I’ll check it out.

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  1. Fab­u­lous!
    The exten­sions that I couldn’t live with­out are Web­mail Com­pose and Spell­bound. I have a bunch of oth­ers, but I use those the most.
    I may try Copy Plain Text. I usu­al­ly copy the text, paste it into notepad and then copy that. Copy Plain Text sounds much bet­ter.

  2. i cant live with­out Xin­ha Here!

    Xin­ha Here! is a wrap­per for the Xin­ha HTML edi­tor that enables WYSIWYG edit­ing in any HTML textarea and text input ele­ments. Xin­ha Here! opens Xin­ha edi­tor on the client side. This allows you to edit the field data in a WYSIWYG edi­tor on any web­site with­out cop­ing and past­ing to a sec­ondary edi­tor.

  3. IE Tab is a top ranker for me.…
    Most­ly because at work there are some web apps we use that were not pro­grammed in a fire­fox friend­ly man­ner.
    Some­how IE seems much less evel wrapped in a fire­fox blan­ket…

  4. Noscript is an absolute must for me…some ppl may not like it though..FoxIT is cool, InfoRSS is a must but can be dis­tract­ing sometimes..but one thing I’VE on near­ly 3 desktop/laptops I work is Noia-extreme theme, I’ve hard­ly seen any oth­er theme in fire­fox since 2 years, I nev­er get bored of it..here’s a ery old relat­ed post though..

  5. Adblock Plus 0.7.x is bet­ter Adblock and more easy to use:
    And this Ook? Video Ook:
    is sweet exten­sion, with only 1 click, you can down­load video from YouTube and from sim­i­lar sites.
    is good down­load man­ag­er and UnPlug
    can down­load almost any embed­ded video or flash.

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