Iceland: My Recommendations, Part 1

It had been three months since our trip to Ice­land so I guess it’s about time that I write some­thing about it. I had been putting off writ­ing it down, part­ly because I didn’t think my words could do jus­tice to the expe­ri­ence, and part­ly because I hat­ed to admit that it was all over. I think my hus­band is tired of hear­ing me lament about how bad­ly I want to go back to Ice­land like I’ve been doing since the day we were back in Canada.

I don’t think I’ll be able to write every sin­gle detail of the trip, but I can sure­ly rec­om­mend a few things to those think­ing of vis­it­ing Ice­land in the future or research­ing for a trip there. I had a lot of fun read­ing a lot of blog posts about Ice­land while research­ing for our trip and I’m writ­ing this hop­ing that some­one out there will have as much fun as read­ing my posts. I’m going to write down my rec­om­men­da­tions in a few install­ments.
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Patchwork Granny Square Blanket of Love

I did it! I final­ly made a cro­cheted granny square blan­ket! Fin­ish­ing it made me feel like a bona fide hook­er or cro­cheter or what­ev­er you want to call it.

I start­ed mak­ing the blan­ket the end of last mon­th because I need­ed some­thing to dis­tract myself from feel­ing depressed about not being in Ice­land any­more and hav­ing to endure the scorch­ing hot weath­er all sum­mer long. Okay, so we have air con­di­tion­ing at home, but still, hot weath­er always makes me all stressed out. That’s why I can’t trav­el to trop­i­cal coun­tries. It just won’t end up being relax­ing.
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What A Week!

Since the last time I post­ed, I expe­ri­enced my very first sev­ere Cana­di­an ice storm (yes, in frick­in’ April!), bombs explod­ed dur­ing the Boston Marathon killing 3, bombs explod­ed in Bagh­dad killing a lot more than in Boston, major earth­quakes hap­pened in Iran, fer­til­iz­er plant explod­ed in West, Tex­as and prac­ti­cal­ly flat­tened the whole town, and overnight the Boston marathon bomb­ing sus­pects were found, one of them killed in a fire­fight, the oth­er one was still on the run as of this writ­ing. Seri­ous­ly, what the hell?!?
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Birthdays and Such

And so I turned 40 on Sun­day, which means that it’s been 10 years since the last time I heard my moth­er wish me a hap­py birth­day. I couldn’t sleep the night before my birth­day. Kept think­ing about my moth­er. Made me cry a lit­tle. I only slept for 3.5 hours that night at most, so on my birth­day I was pret­ty out of it. The high­light of the day was hav­ing a qui­et break­fast with my love­ly hus­band at my new favourite break­fast place in town. I had the straw­ber­ry waf­fle pic­tured above. It was deli­cious!
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