Here We Go Again!

Foggy Field

And suddenly, it’s 2012! How long has it been since my last update? Let’s see… Oh, only 3 months. I’ve done worse. What can I say, I’m a crappy blogger. I should’ve stuck to posting stupid links to my blog instead of trying to be all deep and thoughtful and write journally entries that no one gives a crap about. Even I don’t give a crap. But why am I writing this? Um, out of guilt, I guess? The two or three people who are still reading this blog deserve to find something new here every once in a while.

So, since this is my first post of 2012, I should probably write about the highlights of 2011. Well, I became a full-fledged Canadian citizen in March and voted in my first federal election in May. Sadly the Conservatives won a majority government this time. And later in the provincial election, the Conservatives won in our riding so now we’re represented by a Tory in the parliament. Sigh. PEOPLE, Y U NO VOTE?!?

In June, we made it to Newfoundland and back. Did a fair amount of hiking, ate a lot of fish. I even had a moose burger once (good but kind of dry) as well as iceberg tea (iced tea with chunks of iceberg in it). I found out that iceberg doesn’t melt very quickly in your mouth (it’s so dense). It was an amazing trip with a lot of moose and some iceberg sightings. Words can’t do it justice. Go there if you can! Don’t wait until you’re old and retired and not fit enough to do a lot of hiking! I would love to go back there again someday.

Right after the trip to Newfoundland, we took up a new hobby, which is geocaching. Soon I decided that I prefer hiding geocaches to trying to find them because I’m not a big fan of beating around the bush. When we go geocaching, I usually just observe the area around the ground zero and try to figure out where the geocache would be with my mind’s eye. If there are bushes to beat around, I’ll just summon Troy to do the dirty work. Yes, I’m a princess. But Troy actually enjoys beating around the bush so I don’t feel too bad about it.

And the last but not the least highlight is, I finally got an Etsy shop up and running. Not only that, I even got people buying the stuff I was selling! Craziness! I’d thought it would never happen! I sell vintage cameras (mostly Polaroids) and expired film on Etsy. It’s enjoyable. I like selling stuff that I actually care about and getting to meet customers who love cameras and film photography as much as I do, if not more. Having a shop also makes our weekend thrifting rounds more exciting because I have something specific to find as opposed to just thrifting for whatever, and when I do find cool cameras, I just can’t wait to list them at my shop. Except, of course, I have to procrastinate and now I have a big pile of cameras waiting to be listed. Such is my life.

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