Homeward Bound

On the High­way 401, dri­ving home from an overnight stay in an East­ern Ontar­io town by the St. Lawrence River. Hur­ri­cane Sandy’s rem­nants are loom­ing.

Our 7th Anniversary Dinner

Yes­ter­day was our 7th wed­ding anniver­sary. We decid­ed to go to an Indi­an restau­rant for our anniver­sary din­ner. There are two Indi­an restau­rants in our town. I couldn’t decide which one to go to (and yes, Troy always makes me make all the hard deci­sions) but then I found out that one of them is closed on Mon­days. Deci­sion-mak­ing avert­ed. YES!
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The Ever-Changing Travel Plan, Pt. 2


One of the many rea­sons I love my hus­band is because he lets me make all sorts of crazy trav­el plans for us, though I sus­pect it’s because he knows I will even­tu­al­ly come to my sens­es and will come up with more sen­si­ble plans in the end. And yes, as the title sug­gests, I’ve changed my mind a lit­tle about where we’re going on our much antic­i­pat­ed trip to Europe next year.
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New Specs and Jayne Cobb’s Hat

So I got new specs! It’s frame #5 (see this post) with the same, old pre­scrip­tion. The optometrist didn’t find any changes in my eyes, and, unlike the last time two years ago, he didn’t men­tion any­thing about glau­co­ma. May­be it’s dis­ap­peared, may­be I nev­er had it in the first place. Who knows. I don’t even need bifo­cals yet, so yay to my eyes for doing great! I need to keep eat­ing a lot of car­rots.
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Happy Leap Day!

It has been a real­ly unpro­duc­tive leap day com­pared to the last one, which I man­aged to doc­u­ment in pho­tographs. Today basi­cal­ly all I’ve done is wake up, go online, decide that I want to do the road trip to Ottawa in May, just in time for the 60th anniver­sary of the Cana­di­an Tulip Fes­ti­val, get obsessed with the plan­ning of the said road trip, search obses­sive­ly for afford­able places to stay in Ottawa, make lunch, have lunch, show­er, go to the gro­cery store, cook din­ner, get grumpy due to PMS, have din­ner, and here we are! Excit­ing, huh? At least last leap day I got to do some clean­ing. But then again, four years ago today, we were still liv­ing in our tiny, one bed­room apart­ment in Water­loo, which wasn’t all that dif­fi­cult to clean. We just had to throw every­thing into the big clos­ets and/or the bed­room, which also dou­bled as a stor­age room, and we’d be gold­en. Oh the hor­ror that was our Water­loo bed­room! I shud­der just think­ing about it.

Hmmm, I just did a quick browse through my blog archives and it looks like I made a mon­u­men­tal deci­sion (or a big leap, if you don’t mind the pun) that changed my life in a good way every leap year since 2000. In 2000, I start­ed blog­ging, and we all know how it changed my life. In 2004, I decid­ed to leave Indone­sia behind and move to Canada. In 2008, we made the big deci­sion to get a mort­gage and buy a house. I won­der what kind of mon­u­men­tal deci­sion I’m going to make this year, if any. Only time will tell!

The Glasses Dilemma

I’m due for the bian­nu­al eye exam, which means it’s time to get a new pair of glass­es! Troy’s work insur­ance cov­ers both the optometrist’s fee and the cost of the eye­glass­es (well, up to a cer­tain amount). I love get­ting new glass­es so know­ing that my eye exam is com­ing up, two months ago I start­ed brows­ing the frame cat­a­log of an online store from which I bought my last pair of glass­es and book­mark­ing the ones I like. But the prob­lem with being so ahead is, now that the eye exam is only a cou­ple of days away, most of the frames I like are already sold out or no longer avail­able. Sad lla­ma. :(
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