My Grandma Diana


When I go thrifting, I am really drawn to Things That Could’ve Belonged to Someone’s Grandma™. You see, the only grandmother I ever knew died when I was 3 years old. She was my grandma from my mother’s side. Her name was Diana. I only got to know her through the stories my mother told me. Her mantra, that later became my mum’s and now has become mine, was “if you don’t have a lot of money, you have to have a lot of ideas.” It was a necessary mantra for my grandma to have, since she had to raise a bunch of kids (I think she and my grandpa had 7 or 8 9 offsprings, only 6 survived, all girls) in a time of war when food was scarce. I remember my mum telling me about how they used to have to split one chicken egg between her and her sisters at mealtime when they were kids.

My grandma was a homemaking teacher. I like to think that I got my craftiness from her. Well, my mum was pretty crafty, too. I guess it’s in the gene and I inherited that gene. But still, I can’t help wishing I’d inherited something less abstract from her to have as a keepsake. Hence my fascination with Things That Could’ve Belonged to Someone’s Grandma™, which is a little ironic considering my grandma never had much in terms of worldly possessions. But she could’ve. She could’ve had that recipe card box in the picture above in her kitchen and the handwriting on the recipe cards could’ve been hers.

If my grandma were alive, she’d be 100 years old on May 24. And you know what? I’m going to celebrate it. I don’t know yet how, but I am going to give her a lovely centennial.

Live and Learn


I love learning to do new things. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I look back. This year I’m hoping to:

  • Learn to draw;
  • Learn to make cute shrinky dinks out of my drawings;
  • Learn to make negatives out of Fuji instant film;
  • Maybe learn to knit.

I said maybe to knitting because I still find it daunting, but I’ve got a couple of friends and my mother-in-law offering to teach me how to knit so we’ll see about it. I do have a big stash of yarn to burn from my venture into the wonderful world of crochet last year.

I just ordered three books to help me teach myself how to draw. They’re all by Sachiko Umoto. I like her drawing style. Troy also says that he has Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered by Quentin Blake somewhere among the piles of books in the basement that he’ll dig out for me. Quentin Blake is known for his quirky drawings in various Roald Dahl‘s books and I do enjoy his style.

As for shrinky dinks, well, I was first inspired by a blog post and then of course my new favourite TV show, Raising Hope, has to feature shrinky dinks in its fourth episode that I just watched last night. It’s like the universe is trying to tell me something, and I’m listening! :)

I started shooting with a vintage Polaroid Land Model 100 last year. Polaroid no longer made the film for it but luckily, Fujifilm does. With the camera, I’ve been shooting Fujifilm FP-100C instant film, which is a peel apart film. I’ve always found the part that you peel off and throw away to be such a waste. But then I found out that you can actually make a negative out of it with a little help from a household bleach product! Of course I have to learn how to do it. Even more so now that I’ve got an instant film back for my Hasselblad. Having a negative to your shots is always a good thing.

Are you still awake? Good. I was worried for a bit there. :) And this is the part in which I don’t know how to end a blog post. I think I’ll just end it with a “Fin” a la French movies. Oh là là!