On Exaggeration

A Row of Trees

Most of life is so dull that there is noth­ing to be said about it, and the books and talks that would describe it as inter­est­ing are oblig­ed to exag­ger­ate, in the hope of jus­ti­fy­ing their own exis­tence.” –E.M. Forster

I came across the above quote a cou­ple of days ago. Not sure what I was search­ing for when I found it but it made me think of blog­ging for some rea­sons. The most inter­est­ing blogs I’ve ever come across are the ones with exag­ger­at­ed sto­ries, so much so that it’s hilar­i­ous. Case in point, Hyper­bole and a Half. Though the sil­ly (but awe­some) draw­ings also help.

Some­times I won­der what my blog posts would be like if I exag­ger­at­ed my sto­ries. Prob­a­bly wouldn’t be all that more inter­est­ing. Let’s see: I cro­cheted a toque for myself a cou­ple of days ago using this yarn that’s so thick and fluffy. It took me long hours and a lot of per­se­ver­ance and my fin­gers are numb still but it’s the bestest toque I’ve ever had!!! Um, yeah. Doesn’t help any. I can’t draw either. Le sigh. But it is a true sto­ry. Except for the numb fin­gers part. But I was try­ing to exag­ger­ate. So there.

Dan Mangan

We’ve been lis­ten­ing to a lot of Dan Man­gan late­ly. His lat­est album “Nice, Nice, Very Nice” was released last year but we didn’t find out how good it is until recent­ly.

My first intro­duc­tion to Dan Man­gan was through a song called “Robots” which we prac­ti­cal­ly lis­tened to all sum­mer. Troy and I like to sing along to it. There should be more songs writ­ten about robots.

There isn’t a song in this par­tic­u­lar album that I don’t like, though I do like some songs more than oth­ers. Oth­er than the two songs above, I real­ly like “Tina’s Glo­ri­ous Come­back”, “Bas­ket”, “Et Les Mots Croisés”, “Some Peo­ple” and “Set The Sails”.

Dan Man­gan seems to lim­it his tour to West­ern Cana­da but I hope he’ll make his way to South­west­ern Ontario soon because I would real­ly love to see him per­form live.

The Blurry Years

The Float and the Fog

This past week­end I start­ed man­u­al­ly re-post­ing blog entries from 2002 to 2004 that have been stuck on sta­t­ic pages for years into the cur­rent data­base sys­tem. Blog entries from 2004 — well, at least the ones with no dead links — are now in the sys­tem. I already start­ed re-post­ing entries from 2003 but I’m cur­rent­ly stuck in the month of March because, well, 2003 wasn’t a very good year for me because that’s the year I lost my moth­er and read­ing the posts brings back bad mem­o­ries. Things my night­mares are made of. I just couldn’t make myself to do the rest.

I know for a fact that I don’t remem­ber much about 2003 aside from the things sur­round­ing my mother’s death but appar­ent­ly I don’t remem­ber much about the ear­li­er months of 2004 either. For instance, I didn’t remem­ber win­ning anoth­er Blog­gie Award in March 2004. But then again, things that are big­ger than win­ning the Blog­gies start­ed to hap­pen on the very same day which led me to where I am now — both geo­graph­i­cal­ly and emo­tion­al­ly — so I for­give myself for for­get­ting. :)

One of these days I’ll get around to re-post­ing the rest of the blog entries from 2003. One of these days.

Some Random Thoughts

Me and Him

As soon as I wake up in the morn­ing, I almost always have a real­ly ran­dom thought pop into my head and I could nev­er fig­ure out what brought that on. (Oth­er­wise, it wouldn’t be so ran­dom, would it?)

This morn­ing, my ran­dom thought was about a Cana­di­an TV show we nev­er watched called Da Kink In My Hair. I said to Troy, I won­der if Da Kink In My Hair was can­celled. He said he hoped so and asked if I had a dream about that show last night. Nope. That was just my ran­dom morn­ing thought of the day.

Yes­ter­day, I gave Troy a dou­ble Vul­can sign with both my hands the first time I saw him in the morn­ing. Either I was think­ing about Star Trek and Spock or I just want­ed him to live long and pros­per, twice. Who knows. It just felt like the thing to do.

But then again, we all know I’m a weirdo.

My First Book Cover

look what i got!

Pho­to by Jody Miller

No, this is not going to be a self-con­grat­u­la­to­ry post about how a pho­to of mine got select­ed to be includ­ed in a book by an awe­some group of pho­tog­ra­phers and writ­ers called Uta­ta that I’ve been a mem­ber of for years, nor is this about how some­how it end­ed up being on the cov­er of the book. No. This is going to be a post about how the pho­to came to be. This pho­to:

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The Cowl That Turns Into A Hat


I’ve been feel­ing meh all day. PMS. TMI, I know. But I’m irri­ta­ble, depressed, and sore because of it so it needs to be said.

I made some­thing today. Oth­er than din­ner, which sucked. It need­ed ver­mi­cel­li but I didn’t real­ize we had no ver­mi­cel­li until every­thing else was ready. So we used pho/pad thai noo­dles but it just wasn’t the same. Don’t you hate it when it hap­pened?

Any­way, I made some­thing today. It was going to be a cowl but then I thought it would look good as a hat, so a hat it is. It looks weird on Troy’s head but on my weird­ly shaped head, it actu­al­ly looks nice. I’m still work­ing on it, though. I want to see if I can turn the hat into some kind of a remov­able hood­ie a la Lit­tle Red Rid­ing Hood, which would be use­ful since most of my win­ter coats have no hood­ie. Troy offered to take a pic­ture of me wear­ing the hat but I want to wait until it’s com­plete­ly ready first. Maybe tomor­row.

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