The Return of Book of Styles

Autumn Ivy

I’d been wanting to have another place to post some web design-related links to because i know not too many of my readers here are interested on the topic. Last night I thought, well, I do have a domain laying around doing nothing but being a waste of cyberspace. So I decided to bring some life into the Book of Styles.

Instead of posting my own template creations there, I post links to other people’s template creations. There are so many free template designs out there that look amazing and are better than I could ever design myself. Even the current design of Book of Styles is not my own. I really like it, though.

So yeah, Book of Styles is now a weblog on free templates and web design. If you have any interest on the topics, be sure to bookmark it, or better yet, subscribe to its RSS feed. Now go check it out!

Firda’s Camera Fund


About two weeks ago, Troy and I opened a new bank/saving account just for the purpose of saving up for a digital SLR camera. The guy who was opening the account for us was a bald guy who kind of reminded me of Howie Mandel. Apparently he hadn’t met too many married couples where the wife keeps her maiden name because he didn’t know whether to put a Mrs. or a Ms. in front of my name. Troy wanted the Mrs. I wanted the Ms. I won. Yay. Later I asked Troy if I was the only one expecting the guy to say “Deal, or no deal?” when our account was ready. Turns out I was the only one.

So far, we’ve only got about one-sixth of the money we need to buy the camera in our account. Kind of sad, if you ask me. I wish I made thousands of dollars a day with my Google AdSense. Then we wouldn’t have to wait six months to buy the camera. Alas, no such luck. But that’s where all my Google cheques are going from now on. Towards the camera. Donations are always welcome, by the way. Hehe. I know, I’m shameless.

In case you’re wondering, we’ve decided that we’re going to buy the Canon Digital Rebel XTi instead of the seemingly superior Pentax K10D because we now have more Canon EF lenses than Pentax lenses in our posession. We picked up three Canon EF lenses and a non-functioning Canon EOS 650 (plus filters, a Canon Speedlite flash and other accessories) from a thrift store a couple of weeks back for a good price. We only bought the whole thing for the lenses, really. We got a normal lens, a 50mm lens that I know I’m going to use a lot, and a tele lens that Troy loves, in addition to another normal lens that comes with our Canon Rebel XS (a 35mm film camera) that we got from a garage sale. We don’t have much money to spend on photo equipments so thrift stores and garage sales are the way to go. So far, we haven’t been disappointed.

Wish us luck in our endeavour! :)

We’re Living in a Fridge

Aaah, My Umbrella!

We came home from our trip to the Bruce Peninsula to a freezing apartment on Sunday. The indoor temperature was 15°C and that night the outdoor temperature fell down to 0°C. Troy called the evil landlord and asked him to turn on the central heating (the tenants have no access to it). It’s two days later now and there’s still no central heating. Our portable heater can’t really do much to keep the room warm. Most of the time, we just leave it on in the bedroom.

We’ve been sleeping under four layers of blankets since Sunday night. It feels like sleeping in a cocoon. Last night Troy said that he’d wake up a beautiful butterfly. Well, he just woke up and guess what? He’s still the good, old Troy. How disappointing.

Our apartment used to be the warmest apartment in the world because the heating system was wonky and would turn itself on even when it was crazy hot in the summer. We reported it to the landlord last summer because we were melting. The landlord did something to it and now we’re living in the coldest apartment in the world. Just one extremity after another. How very Canadian weather-ish.

Fun with Tabblo

Firda at Tabblo. Yup, I’ve been having a lot of fun at Tabblo. I signed up for an account in July but I forgot all about it until earlier this week. Tabblo provides you with an unlimited space for your photos with no ads. You can even mirror your Flickr photos there. It’s great for creating photo essays or photo collages. You can upload your photos straight from Picasa by installing a plugin that you can download from your Upload page. It’s a lot of fun. You really should give it a try!