Timothy Prus’ “Photo Swap”

Say, if you were a pro­fes­sion­al pho­tog­ra­pher and you were hav­ing a major exhi­bi­tion, would you just swap out your pho­tographs with those tak­en by peo­ple who want your pho­tographs instead of ask­ing them to pay a for­tune? Tim­o­thy Prus is doing exact­ly that with his Pho­to Swap exhi­bi­tion. What a cool and orig­i­nal idea.
When the exhibiton comes to the AGO in Toron­to, I am SO drag­ging Troy there and bring­ing three of my pho­to­graph­ic works. If you’re in Cal­gary, Alber­ta, you’re in luck. They’re hav­ing the exhi­bi­tion there until March 28. Watch this space for future venues and dates.

Today’s Haiku

Com­put­er is mute.
All I can hear is the sound
of (almost) silence.

I’ve always won­dered if I should count my blog­ging years from the time I start­ed chron­i­cling my life on Diary­land or from the time I start­ed this weblog. I didn’t count my Diary­land diary as a weblog because, well, it was a diary, not a weblog. But now peo­ple seem to count online diaries/journals as weblogs as well. That means I could claim that I have been blog­ging since 1999. But I digress. I don’t even know why I felt the need to point it out. Slow blog­ging day, I guess. :P

I Love Viewfinders

Have you noticed that a lot of dig­i­tal point-and-shoot cam­eras the­se days come with big LCD screen and no viewfind­er? I don’t know about you but a cam­era with no viewfind­er just doesn’t look right to me. Sure the big LCD screen should be able to help you com­pose your pic­ture just as well as or even bet­ter than if you do it through a viewfind­er, but still. I guess I’m just old-fash­ioned. I sure hope that this trend won’t catch on in the dig­i­tal SLR cam­era front.

And a few links:

The Imag­ing Resource, where I go oooh-and-aaah-ing over the lat­est dig­i­tal cam­eras.

Fast and Reli­able, which is a short doc­u­men­tary film about a one-legged bicy­cle couri­er.

Kata­mari Dama­cy in Flash, sim­pli­fied and runs on your com­put­er. No PlaySta­tion2 required.

Hrm, the neigh­bour across the hall is being overex­cit­ed about the Win­ter Olympics again. He seems to be cheer­ing non-stop at least 16 hours a day. Sigh. To Troy’s dis­ap­point­ment, I just can’t make myself care about the Win­ter Olympics. I’m sor­ry but Sum­mer Olympics are way cool­er!

Today’s Haiku

Secret Garden
Yes, I’ve decid­ed to do the dai­ly haiku thing again. If any­thing, it makes a good blog­fod­der.

A crazy snow­fall,
I can see through the win­dow.
How long will it last?

I don’t know if I was dream­ing it or not but I thought I heard a weath­er man on TV this morn­ing say­ing some­thing about snowsqualls around the Geor­gian Bay. I prob­a­bly was just dream­ing it because Troy doesn’t usu­al­ly turn the TV on before he leaves for work. I know for sure that I had a dream last night about get­ting a job in some uni­ver­si­ty, which was the weird­est uni­ver­si­ty ever, because all the stu­dents did was march­ing around the cam­pus while singing “the more we get togeth­er, togeth­er, togeth­er, the more we get togeth­er the hap­pier we’ll be” over and over again. At some point I decid­ed to check on the stu­dents out­side and went through a door and it led to a tun­nel full with stu­dents march­ing and singing, and at the end of the tun­nel, I saw the ocean with some ducks swim­ming on it. It was sun­set and the rain was falling, wash­ing away the snow on the ground. I remem­ber wish­ing I had a cam­era with me before I woke up.
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could cap­ture your dreams with a cam­era? It would put Hol­ly­wood out of busi­ness.

The 6th Blogiversary

8 Ducks in a Row
Dear Weblog Wannabe,
Hap­py 6th anniver­sary! I know there are 8 ducks in the pic­ture but I don’t have one with only 6 ducks on it so this one will have to do it.
Remem­ber when we used to get plen­ty of com­ments with every post and how it made Troy green with envy? And all those Blog­gies™ that we won? Those were the days. I know peo­ple don’t love you as much as they used to any­more, but I’ll always love you all the same. And that’s all that mat­ters, right?
Remem­ber when I used to post a haiku to you every day? I think I’m going to write one today, for old time’s sake:

Six years of blog­ging,
And Blog­gerville is no more.
Blo­gos­phere sounds evil.

I hope you like it. You know what? I think I’ll start writ­ing you a haiku every day, just like the good, old days. What do you say? Yes? No? May­be? Please let me know.
I’d write you more but, as you know, it’s Mon­day, and my spir­it is still kind of low due to the not-so-hap­py news from my fam­i­ly last week so I have to stop now. Thanks for being such a good friend to me and I hope we’ll be togeth­er for many, many more years.
Love always,
Fir­da xoxo

The You-Know-What Day

Heart in Elora
So, how's your You-Know-What Day been? Mine's been... short. I couldn't sleep last night due to the too-much caffeine I got from the overly strong tea I had yesterday. Didn't go to bed until 2:30 in the morning and didn't wake up until 10. Troy had to leave home to a job site as early as 5:40 in the morning (he went to bed early last night) so I posted this Darth Vader thingy (third from the top) on the closet door before I went to bed for Troy to see before he left so he'd think I'm a romantic (I'm not really).

When Troy saw it in the morning, he freaked out because he thought someone had broken into the apartment and stuck the Darth Vader thingy there just to show us that they could get into our place. Silly Troy. :) Good thing I wrote something on it so he knew it was my doing and he wasn't freaking out for very long. Hehe.

Anyway, the Intarweb wouldn't work for me this morning so I decided to make Troy a monster-with-a-heart doll since he despised all those bear-with-a-heart dolls. I thought a monster-with-a-heart would be less cheesy than a bear-with-a-heart. The monster ended up looking kind of like a Domo-kun, but with ears and no limbs. I gave it to Troy as soon as he got home and he loved it. He decided to call the monster-with-a-heart Komo-dun.

And what do I get for the You-Know-What Day, you ask? Well, Troy is buying me the Lomo Fisheye camera. I found a place where you could buy it for half the price yesterday. I sent the link to Troy and he asked me if I'd like to get it as a You-Know-What Day present. How could a camera junkie such as myself turn down the offer? ;) I probably won't receive it in the mail until next week but that's okay. I like having something to look forward to.