Excuses, Excuses

Drive By

Meep! Just wanted to let you know that since I’m busy working on the Book of Styles, updates to this weblog will be less frequent than usual. Troy has threatened not to renew the domain if I didn’t do anything about it. The domain will expire in two weeks so I have no choice but to get cracking, even though I’ve forgotten a lot of the CSS stuff due to the lack of practice. I was checking some of the old template sets just then and thought, man, they were brilliant. I really don’t know how I came up with the stuff. I don’t think I’d be able to replicate them now. I am really the dumber version of the Firda that I once was. Sadly.

Anyway, as a consolation, here’s a download link to the three songs that are currently on my Winamp playlist. Hope you’ll like them. :)


For a couple of months now I’ve been involved in an online community of people with an interest in photography called UTATA. It is the coolest, most active, and friendliest online community I’ve ever known. I always admire the beautiful photographs featured on the front page. Imagine my suprise when I heard from the publisher today that one of my photos had been featured on the front page! Colour me thrilled! Yep, it’s the very same photo I posted above. It’s one of the photos from our honeymoon. Now I really long for a long, road trip across the country like we had on our honeymoon. But I guess we’ll have to wait until we have some money to spare. Here’s hoping that we’ll win the lottery soon! ;)

A Gloomy Day

One Eye

I wasn’t too convinced about today being the gloomiest day of the year, but then Firefox crashed and I lost today’s entry. It never happened before. It’s enough to convince me that today is indeed the gloomiest day of the year.

In addition to the Firefox-ate-my-post case, Weblog Wannabe is not on the list of the Bloggies™ nominees for the first time in history, the poor whale who got lost in the River Thames in England died while being transported back to the open sea, and our planet is doomed for at least 100,000 years. Need I say more?

The only good thing about today is the Anscoflex II vintage camera that Troy sniped off of eBay for me couple of weeks ago is scheduled to arrive today. I hope Canada Post won’t ruin it for me. Oooh, the postie’s here! Well, turns out that Canada Post did not disappoint, but the eBay seller did. The camera is not in as good condition as advertised. Bummer.

Gloomy day indeed.

Stuck in Reverse

Okay, quick blogging for today since I need to go out and take photos while it’s kind of sunny outside. I think the greyness of winter might have given me the seasonal affective disorder since I keep feeling blah. Though it might just be hormonal. Who knows.

Scientists have found a difference between men and women. Men seem to get pleasure from someone else’s misfortune more than women do. Even if the misfortune happened to someone they don’t like, women will still have empathy in their brains while in men, it’s completely absent. Interesting, eh?

Trafalgar Brewery in Canada has launched new beers with the effigy of party leaders on the labels and counting sales of each to predict the outcome of the next election. The brewery will host a party Monday night, promising to be the first to announce the election results. Well, we’ll see how accurate their prediction will be.

William Shatner, famed for his role as Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series, has sold his kidney stone to an online casino, GoldenPalace.Com, for $25,000. The money will be donated to Habitat for Humanity to build houses for the poor. GoldenPalace.Com has been known to buy, um, unusual items such as the rights to change a woman’s name into GoldenPalace.Com, Britney Spears pregnancy test and the naming rights to a woman’s unborn triplets, among other things.

Troy pointed me to this multiplayer game called Peekaboom last night. In this game, you play with a random partner with whom you take turn to guess the word that an image represents. Your partner can also give you hints and vice versa. It’s fun if you’re lucky enough to get a random partner who is also into it. It’s also potentially addictive.

If you don’t like games that require you to sign up (even though it’s worth the sign up), you might want to play Character Disorder. What you need to do is clear the board by matching the blocks with the colours of the bar at the bottom and pressing the key that matches letter that’s on the block. Confused yet? Just read the tutorial. It’ll show you how.

I only scored 3 out of 10 in Wonder Years, a quiz by the CBC to test your knowledge of teen TV. Must admit that I’m kind of proud of it. ;)

And last but not least, my dearest, darling husband Troy is now officially a licensed professional engineer (or P. Eng., as they call it), which means he now can start putting a “P. Eng.” after his name, put his stamp on, er, things, and other fun stuff! Yay! He’s a smart cookie and I’m so proud of him. Love you, babe!

Life’s About Changing

The sky always makes an excellent background, regardless of the weather, don’t you think? And you know what’s not excellent? It’s Flickr during the day. It’s always so unbearably slow to load! I wish I wasn’t such a Flickr-addict. Sigh.
Anyway, an Italian sexologist has found through a research that couples who have a TV set in their bedroom have sex half as often as those who don’t. I don’t know if it only applies to Italians. It probably does. Not sure, though.
Chinese map collector has found a copy of an ancient map that shows that Zheng He, a Chinese mariner, discovered America 70 years before Columbus did. Wow. If it was true, history books would have to be revised.
From the department of whateverism comes the news that Michael Jackson is seriously considering making a move to the Persian Gulf. I hope he’ll learn to tell the difference between men’s and women’s washrooms before he moves in.
Ah l’amour is a stick figure theater type video that the female population would find unfair, imbalanced, and not very politically correct. But hey, it was funny while it lasted.
Frvade has been around since April 2005, but curiously, I’ve never heard of it until now. It’s one of those find the clue to proceed to the next level type games. I’d rather play this kind of games with Troy because he’s more persistent than me when it comes to finding the clues but still I made it to level 3 all by myself. And no cheating!
If you prefer a flash game, you might want to play the N-Game. You’re a ninja and what you need to do is collect the gold and avoid all the robots and missiles. Not really the easiest game for me, though if you’re used to playing videogames, it should be a piece of cake.
Anyway, I’m feeling under the weather today. Had an emotional dream about my late mother last night and I woke up crying. Not a very good start to the day. I miss her so much.

I Wish I Had a River

Another weekend has come and gone. As usual, I’m getting the post-weekend blahness. We spent the weekend just driving around to visit thrift stores and antique markets in search for even more vintage cameras, resulting in a Russian 35mm camera called Prinzflex 500 and a box camera called Anscoflex II, which still has yet to arrive in the mail (Troy sniped it for me on eBay — he’s the master of eBay sniping, heh). It was a good weekend. I hope yours was a good one, too.

Troy and I had known each other online for about 4 years before we met in person. We got married here in Waterloo on the first anniversary of our real-life meeting. Well, these Indonesian couple got married after several months of online courtship, and they’ve never even met each other! They had an online wedding, which apparently, is legal in Indonesia. The ceremony only cost them $20.30. I hope they won’t end up hating each other when they finally met.

A 20-year-old California Institute of Technology student set a new world record for solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle in 11.13 seconds. I was actually tempted to pick up a Rubik’s Cube from a thrift store this past weekend just so that I could try out this Rubik’s Cube Solver thingamajig, but I didn’t. Probably for the best.

According to a research, Internet users make up their minds about the quality of a website in only 50 milliseconds. If people think a website look good, they’ll likely to find the quality of the content to be as good. It’s called the halo effect. Now I wonder how many of my readers are affected by it. Hrm.

Speaking of websites, have you taken the Web Standards Quiz? I haven’t designed any websites in ages so I’ve forgotten some stuff and only scored a sad, 75% in the quiz. I found all that AJAX stuff very confusing. Oh well. At least I still remember what CSS stands for.

Troy told me that if I answered the phone and the person on the other end didn’t say anything as soon as I said hello, it’s more than likely that the call was made by a telemarketer and that I should just hang up. That’s the anti-telemarketer technique I’ve been using. But someone has another technique that involves more work and more talking on the phone, which means I probably wouldn’t do it. Though if you’re really, really bored, you might want to do it, just for a kick. It could be funny.

And the silly game of the day is Dance Dance Gabba Goat. It’s like Dance Dance Revolution, but with a goat. Press the corresponding arrow key as soon as the arrow appears in the circle on top of the goat. And that’s all there is to it, really. It might sound lame, but it’s actually fun. Just play it!

Now I’m going to cook an Indonesian fish cake dish that I really, really miss. It’s called Pempek Palembang. I’m supposed to use some local Indonesian fish called Tenggiri, but instead I’m going to use some Alaskan Pollock. All fish taste the same to me anyway. Fishy, that is.