Those Pesky People

I had my first encounter with some of those, uh, door-to-door religion salesmen yesterday. It wasn’t pleasant because they made me angry but I managed to keep my cool and didn’t slam the door on them.

First mistake, they were insulting my intelligence by talking to me like I was an idiot *and* in an insulting tone to boot.

Second mistake, they just assumed that I was unhappy. “This will totally bring happiness into your life,” one of them said. I’ve come a long way to be this happy and they had the balls to just assume that I was unhappy, just because I didn’t believe in what they did? How dare they? They didn’t even look like a bunch of happy people to start with. I mean, if you’re trying to sell perfume, you should at least try to smell good.

I ended up being cranky all evening. Troy kept telling me that they were not worth it but they really pissed me off. Anyway, here’s some snippets from the encounter:

+ I’m sorry, I’m not into religion.
What? You don’t believe in Jesus?
+ I believe in good people.
This will totally bring happiness into your life.
+ I’m already happy. Thanks. *[close the door]*

They’d better be not coming back.

Holy Missing Ghost Town, Batman!

Yes, that’s Troy’s hairy thigh in the picture. I’m sorry if it disturbs you. The happy-looking girl in the Polaroid is, of course, yours truly. Troy took the picture of me with our Polaroid camera shortly before I took a picture of the picture of me with my digital camera (how’s that for meta?). The pictures were taken in the Conestogo Lake Conservation Area where we spent this past Saturday, just swimming and watching people. We had fun in the sun and managed to keep the sunburn to a minimum. If you’re interested, you can see the rest of the Conestogo Lake pictures here.
We originally went to the area to find a supposedly ghost town located somewhere around the lake called Hollen that we read about in a book about ghost towns in Ontario. We did find the town, but it was not really a ghost town, which was kind of disappointing. But then again, the book was published in 1999. Can’t expect the information in it to still be accurate.
On Sunday, we went to see Batman Begins. It was entertaining, to say the least. I wouldn’t say it was great, but it was enjoyable. What I like the most about superhero movies is the fact that you know the superhero is going to win and that no matter what the bad guy does to the superhero, the superhero is not going to die. What can I say, I love happy endings. Don’t you?

Bad Monkey!

Bad Monkey!

+ See? I look like the guy on the t-shirt.
Yeah, but I look too happy, unlike the monkey.
+ Why wouldn’t you?
Why wouldn’t I what?
+ Be happy?
*pause* I don’t know. *confused because for once she actually had no reason to be unhappy*

We got ours for free but you can buy the Bad Monkey t-shirts from here if you’re so inclined.
Troy is away in Indiana until tomorrow. Time to par-tay!!! (Yeah right, as if I have any friends here.)

I haven’t been feeling too well for a couple of days now. Stupid cold. I’m blaming it on Tim Hortons’ Iced Capuccino.

Short Short Story Thursday

From this week on, every Thursday I’m going to post a short short story that I wrote myself. Feel free to do the same if you like. The following story was originally written to amuse Troy at work.

There was this ghost who went to see a doctor because he wasn’t feeling well. The doctor asked the ghost what his problem was and the ghost said, “My heart is beating.” In reply, the doctor said, “That’s good news. That means you’re still alive.” And the ghost went home from the doctor’s office with an identity crisis.

Wonderfully Random

— It’s starting to feel like Canada again, now that the temperature has gone down to the high 20s (Celsius degree).
— I seem to handle hot weather worse than Canadians, who are used to cold weather.
— If Canadians did live in igloos, they’d all be homeless by now.
— We went to Toronto on Saturday, only to realise that we’d missed watching the Toronto’s World Naked Bike Ride event.
— We made it to SMooSH and Loba‘s fun housewarming BBQ party without getting lost (much).
— We brought in our own beef steaks to be BBQ-ed.
— We marinated the steak in a mix of Pepsi, orange juice, black pepper, salt, BBQ sauce, garlic powder, and Maggi seasoning without having the slightest idea what it would taste like.
— The steak turned up to be the best-tasting steak I ever had.
— Housewarming parties make me want to move to a new place. I wouldn’t mind moving to Stratford, where Troy works.
— The Skydome looks ugly with the red Rogers Centre signs on it.
— The CN Tower doesn’t look very glamorous at night.
— Toronto has the biggest raccoons.
— Homeless people make me sad.
— Little kids like Troy, and so do dogs of all breed.
— In Tegan and Sara‘s song “I Know I Know I Know”, there’s a line that says “I know I know I know what else are we here for” but I keep hearing it as “I know I know I know solitary hippo”.
— I wish there was really a song with “solitary hippo” in it.
— We watched three episodes of Scrubs on DVD yesterday. Now I’m in love with the show.
— We have a shiny new balcony. We’re going to put a couple of chairs there and hang some flower boxes all over the railings.
— I want to plant the flowers from scratch because it seems to be so much more fun.
— I wouldn’t know what to do with the flower boxes in winter.
— That is all.

Crazy Hot Spring

Summer is not officially here yet, but it already feels like summer. In fact, it feels pretty much like Jakarta (Indonesia) during the dry season. I can’t say that I like it. I hate hot weather. It turns me into Ms. Grumpypants. The heat made me so grumpy a couple of nights ago that Troy decided to buy us a box fan yesterday. We picked up a 20″ one. It’s big and awesome! It’s blowing coolish air like there’s no tomorrow. It was also pretty hard to find. They were probably sold out or something. We didn’t find one that was big enough for us until we got to the 5th place, which happened to be a grocery store. When we went to pay for it, the cashier lady said that we were the first to buy a fan on her shift. I don’t know what that was supposed to mean, but I like to think that it means we’re special. Heh.

Speaking of hot weather, I don’t know what had got into us on Sunday but we decided to go for a walk along the trail between Waterloo and Kitchener (a.k.a. the Iron Horse Trail) when it was, like, 30°C out there. Can’t say that I enjoyed it too much. We walked all the way to Victoria Park, watched the ducks for a while before trying to find something to drink. There was an event going on there, apparently organised by the local GLBT community. I thought there would be people selling ice-cream or something there. After all, it was hot and it was an event with a lot of people. In a park. But noooo! No ice-cream seller. Luckily I spotted a small cafe right across the river so I was saved from the horrible fate of dying from dehydration. I had the best iced lemon tea EVER there. But man, was I ever so grumpy. I couldn’t make it back to Waterloo because it was too hot and I was too tired and too grumpy so Troy had to walk back to Waterloo alone to pick up the car and then drove all the way to Kitchener to pick me up. While waiting for him, I sat under the tree by the parking lot of a home hardware store. People were looking at me funny, but whatever. I’m kind of used to that.

The weekend wasn’t entirely unpleasant, though. Saturday was quite fun. We went to several garage sales in Waterloo and then we went to a Rockport factory outlet in St. Jacobs to pick up a pair of new sandals for me (this one, it’s sweet!) before driving to Elmira (where they were having Robin in the Hood festivities), West Montrose (to see the Kissing Bridge), and finally to Guelph where we had a Chinese buffet lunch (evil!), took a walk along the river, and had yummy ice-cream before heading back to Waterloo.

This coming weekend, I’ll be sure to spend a lot of time in a swimming pool. I hope my swimsuit still fits!