Port Dover in Winter

The Lighthouse

We went to the small town of Port Dover on the north shore of Lake Erie on Sunday afternoon because I wanted to see the beach in winter (after seeing the Jim Carrey and Kate Winslett characters in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” going to a beach in winter). We didn’t expect to find the lake all frozen up with some mountains of ice on top of it but that’s what we saw. You could go there, walked all over the lake, and pretend you were in the Arctic! It was awesome. And the sunset was breathtaking. I took a bunch of pictures while we were there which I’ve turned into a Flickr photoset. Have a look. You’d wish you were there. ;)

You know, I think I’ve almost become a Canadian because when the temperature is -2°C, I could make a comment about how warm it is and actually mean it. You wouldn’t be able to do that unless you’ve walked around outside when the temperature is lower than -30°C (with wind chill anyway). I really love Canadian winter, even if some real Canadians hate it. To those of you who think I’d die in winter, I think I’ll survive it just fine. :)

Next in my winter agenda: building my very first snowman (I’ve played 5-pin bowling and walked on the frozen Lake Erie, but I still haven’t built a snowman — sad, eh?) and going to a ski slope. No, I won’t go skiing. It would be safer for a walking disaster such as myself not to do anything extreme. I just want to take pictures. Here’s looking at the boy‘s general direction.

Out of Space

If anyone tried to post a comment or email me in the last 12 hours or so and failed, that was because I ran out of space on my hosting account. See, I shared a 200MB hosting account with the boy. He got 125MB and I got 75MB (surprisingly, he has all that much more online crap than me). But what’s really eating out the space is the web stats programs installed by the host. We never even check those. Why we have to account for the amount of space all those programs are taking up is beyond me. It might be the common practice among web hosting companies for all I know. And no, you can’t just delete those programs. If you delete the web stats program files, they will automagically pop back in a couple of days! So annoying.

Deleting stuff out of that folder does free up a fair amount of space so that’s what we’ve been doing from time to time for as long as I can remember. It sucks, but it’s also the only sucky thing about our hosting account. Other than that, we don’t really have anything to complain. Maybe we just have to give up our battle against the silly stats programs and upgrade. In the mean time, commenting and emailing can commence. I’ve freed up some 15MB of space from the damn stats folder.

A Movie Review? Nah!

We just got back from seeing Un long dimanche de fiançailles a.k.a. A Very Long Engagement. Watching the movie, you just can’t help comparing it with Amélie since it’s from the same director and it also has Audrey Tautou and some other actors from Amélie in it.
The humours in both movies are quite similar, though in A Very Long Engagement, it’s somewhat darker because of the war setting. The war scenes are pretty graphic, though. I had to close my eyes every time someone got killed because I really can’t stand the sight of blood, even if I know that it’s just fake blood. Also, in A Very Long Engagement, sepia colours are quite dominant, whereas in Amélie, warm colours are dominant.
A Very Long Engagement is not really a feel-good movie like Amélie, but it was still enjoyable. At least for me. I didn’t check the casting on IMDB before we went to see the movie so when Jodie Foster showed up, I was like “Hey, isn’t she…?” That was quite a nice surprise.

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2-in-1 Fortune

Fortune Cookies(Fortune Cookies, originally uploaded by firda.)
We bought a jar of fortune cookies the last time we did our grocery shopping, just for the fun of it. I just had one today and the cookie contained two fortunes instead of one. I’ve been told that you’re supposed to add the phrase “in bed” to your fortunes so here’s what my fortunes say: “You will travel far and wide for both pleasure and business in bed” and “Simplicity and clarity should be your theme in dress in bed“. The first one doesn’t sound right and the second one doesn’t really sound like a fortune. But maybe what they mean in the second one is that if I do that, I will have good fortune. Maybe. Who knows. (Don’t mind me, I tend to think too much when I’m sleepy.)

The Bloggies™, Again!

The Bloggies™ site is back up now and turns out that I’ve not only been nominated for the Best Asian Weblog but also for Lifetime Achievement! Yikes! I don’t think I’d be able to compete with big names like Tom Coates, Ernie Hsiung, Meg Hourihan and Derek Powazek, but thanks anyway for your nominations. Like I said before, I’m flattered. But really, the other nominees are more deserving of your votes since the only things I’ve contributed to the weblogging world are a bunch of stupid weblogging quizzes, a silly weblog award generator, and a simple weblog layout generator. I haven’t written any book or article on weblogging, nor have I delivered any thought-provoking speeches in any weblogging conference. I do wish I could contribute more, though.

Music Meme

I don’t usually do survey memes, but since this one is passed on to me by the boy, I just have to be a good girlfriend and comply. :)

1. What’s the total size of music files on your computer?
Well, my computer is back in my room in Indonesia so I have no way to check. I’m using the boy’s computer while I’m in Canada so I’ll just copy the boy’s answer: approximately 3.2 gigabytes of music.

2. What is the last CD you bought?
Oh gosh, I really don’t know. It’s been ages since the last time I bought a music CD. The last few CDs I got are gifts from my weblog readers. They bought them off of my Amazon wishlist. I do have the best readers in the world. :) Anyway, I think the last CD I received in the mail from Amazon is The Red Violin: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

3. What is the last song you listened to before you read this post?
I think it’s Hiding Behind the Moon by Jeff Hanson. I had a dream that night that I went to a restaurant with my late mother and my mother told me that she liked that song and I was like, “But you’ve never heard of that song!” and it’s true because the first time I listened to that song was several months after she died. She just gave me a mysterious smile. I like to think that she was just trying to tell me that she’s still watching me from wherever she is.

4. Name four songs that you listen to a lot or that mean a lot to you.
“Moonriver” means a lot to me because it was the last song my mother ever heard me singing before she died. “The Book of Love” by the Magnetic Fields is pretty much our (the boy’s and mine) song. I love “Circle of Friends” by Edie Brickell because it speaks for me. And finally, “Wise Up” by Aimee Mann, mostly because I like the movie where the song came from, i.e. Magnolia.

5. Which three people are you passing the baton on to and why?
Errr, I don’t know. Whoever wants to do this, I guess. Anyone? Post a comment if you did it! I promise to check it out. :)