Snow Can Wait

Frozen Creek
The news agency Reuters did a sur­vey to find out where San­ta lives and con­clud­ed that San­ta lives in Ice­land because San­ta Claus of Ice­land was the only one respond­ed to the sur­vey ques­tion. Curi­ous­ly, they didn’t send the sur­vey ques­tion to San­ta Claus in Turkey even though St. Nicholas, the orig­i­nal San­ta Claus, lived in what is now Turkey in the third cen­tu­ry A.D. (You learn some­thing new every day.)
Wafah Dufour, the Amer­i­can-born niece of Osama Bin Laden, has posed for provoca­tive pho­tographs for Amer­i­can GQ mag­a­zine. Good for her. Here’s the online ver­sion of the GQ arti­cle.
Jack and Jes­si­ca top names chart for babies born in 2005 in Eng­land and Wales. Is your name among the top ten?
Elas­tic Enthu­si­as­tic is enter­tain­ment for the eas­i­ly amused. Drag the bal­le­ri­na with your mouse and then release to see her bounce around.
War of the Hell is a quirky yet addic­tive, Japan­ese, Java-based game. How many peo­ple can you bring up to heav­en with a piece of string? So far, the most I could bring up in one go was ten.
Since today is Fri­day, you deserve anoth­er game because week­end just doesn’t come soon enough. Same Game is a very sim­ple game. The objec­tive of the game is to clear the board by click­ing at least two blocks of the same colour. It’s not as easy as it may sound. Good luck!

Mind is a Razorblade

A Walk on the Lake
Some Ger­mans pre­fer trees to fam­i­ly for Christ­mas. Sur­pris­ing? Some would say not. And of course there are also peo­ple who’d rather skip the whole Christ­mas thingy alto­geth­er.
Think your employ­er has strict com­pa­ny pol­i­cy? Well, at least you don’t work for these com­pa­nies. If I worked for a com­pa­ny that lim­its two moans per employ­ee, I’d prob­a­bly get fired after one work day.
It might be old news to some of you, but I’ve nev­er heard of the rumour that Paul McCart­ney, the ex-Bea­t­le, died in 1966 and was since replaced by a looka­like, until I came across this arti­cle: A Myth that Rocks: The Pre­ma­ture Death of Paul McCart­ney. It makes a pret­ty inter­est­ing and amus­ing read.

Make your own per­son­al speech bub­ble a la the web com­ic diesel sweet­ies, just because you can! (Link stolen from Phil.)
Most Tetris clones are kind of lame, but Puyo Pop — Sega’s take on the clas­sic game — is actu­al­ly pret­ty cool. It’s Tetris with a twist. My best score is 6420.
If you were born in the 70’s, you’re bound to do well in the 80’s Lyrics Quiz. Sure most songs from the 80’s are suck­tac­u­lar but you have to admit that they’re pret­ty damn catchy.

Winter is Officially Here

Before I head out to the cold­ness out­side, I’d like to wish every­one in the North­ern Hemi­sphere a hap­py win­ter since today is the win­ter sol­stice a.k.a. the first offi­cial day of win­ter a.k.a. the short­est day of year. May the heater keeps you warm indoor and your coat keeps you warm out­door. Once again, it’s only the first day of win­ter. Just keep telling your­self that. ;)

Happy Big Three-Oh!

Happy Big Three-Oh!!!
My dear­est, dar­ling hus­band Troy turns 30 today. Now he is in the same age group with me, ie. old. Bwa­ha­ha­ha!!! Go wish him a hap­py birth­day! Well, if his site is up any­way. We for­got to renew his domain. Ooops! It’s been renewed since so it should be back up soon if it is down. Or you can just wish him a hap­py birth­day here in the com­ment. :)
In oth­er news, is back up but for some rea­sons it won’t post the links to this blog so just go to my page for today’s link­age. Sor­ry for the incon­ve­nience.

Not So

Dan­ger due to [fill in the blank]. Use your imag­i­na­tion.

What a lin­klog­ger to do when is down? Get pan­ic, of course. But I’ve got over it. Final­ly.

Did a bit of Christ­mas shop­ping this past week­end. I wouldn’t advise you to shop for CDs and DVDs at Best Buy. Their pric­ing is out­ra­geous.

Speak­ing of shop­ping, have you ever been to any of these top 10 book­shops? The next time we go to Toron­to, I’ll try to talk Troy into tak­ing me to This Ain’t The Rosedale Library.

Anoth­er pho­to from the same loca­tion for con­text. Not get­ting any snow where you live? Buy some Instant Snow! Either that or just come over here to Cana­da where the snow is aplen­ty and free.

If you feel like lis­ten­ing to some cov­er songs, check out the Toadsuck Sym­pho­ny. They have three songs in MP3 for­mat avail­able for free down­load. Their songs made me smile. Yes, it’s blue­grass. And no, it’s not bad.

If it’s not real­ly your cup of tea, Riv­er by Alli­son Crowe might be. It’s a cov­er of the Joni Mitchell song. I love it.

If it’s still not your cup of tea, try the Gar­den Song by Dave Mal­lett. When we were on our hon­ey­moon in Nova Sco­tia, we went to a local ceilidh and this was one of the songs they played. It’s such a cute song.

And what’s an entry with­out a link to a sil­ly game? So here’s yet anoth­er ver­sion of a game by Eye­z­maze that we all know and love: Grow Orna­ment, just in time for Christ­mas. Enjoy!

Goodbye, Finnegan!

R.I.P. Finnegan

We had to put our Bet­ta fish Finnegan to sleep yes­ter­day. It was not an easy deci­sion, but he seemed to be in so much pain that we just had to do it. It was more than a lit­tle upset­ting to say the least. The pic­ture above was tak­en a few days ago when he was still in his quar­an­tine tank. I moved him back to his galac­tic bowl once I saw that he was dying. Thought he’d like to spend his last min­utes at home. Finney was a good fish, and we miss him already.

Relat­ed entry: Fish Euthana­sia (from two years ago).