My Grown-Up Grocery List

The Gro­cery List Col­lec­tion is, well, pret­ty self-explana­to­ry, isn’t it? You can con­tribute to the col­lec­tion by post­ing your gro­cery list to the web and send them the url or scan it and email it to them or snail mail it, even. Being the for­ev­er broke per­son that I am, I’ve nev­er had a gro­cery list but if I had one right now, it would look like this:

Mum’s health (1 — big-sized)
Hap­pi­ness (1 — box set)
Self-esteem (2 — extra strong)
World peace (1 — XXXL)
Boyfriend (1 — dent­ed is okay, not expired)
Patience (12 — large chunks)

Now the prob­lem is find­ing a gro­cery store that sells all those stuff. Big prob­lem indeed.

I’m Back!

Well, sort of. My body still feels fun­ny. It’s tak­ing awhile for me to recov­er, most­ly because I was/am too broke to see the doc­tor. Even if I had some mon­ey, I’d rather spend it on mak­ing my sick moth­er feel bet­ter than mak­ing myself feel bet­ter so I guess the being broke bit is some­what irrel­e­vant :)

Any­way, I kind of miss blog­ging so I’m going to blog for a bit today and hope­ful­ly com­plete that project that should have been com­plet­ed a cou­ple of weeks ago on my blog­day. But don’t hold your breath!

Yay, An Update!

Well, not real­ly an update as in a linko­la update, but I just want­ed to let you know that I haven’t been in my best form since Fri­day and haven’t been able to eat, let alone to search the web for your dai­ly linko­las. I guess after two months of tak­ing care a baby nephew and a sick moth­er while doing var­i­ous freelance/personal design projects, my body has final­ly decid­ed to go on strike to demand some rest. Hope­ful­ly after giv­ing it a much need­ed rest for a cou­ple of days, it will be as good as new again. Until then, be well, and stay out of trou­ble!

PS. Thanks for all the blog­day wish­es. You are so sweet :)

Just A Quickie!

I’ve a lot of work to do today so I prob­a­bly won’t be able to blog any­thing, but I just want to show you a pic­ture of my nephew a.k.a. the cutest baby in the world (until I have my own, which is prob­a­bly nev­er, so he’ll most like­ly remain the cutest baby in the world to me for, like, ever) and to let you know that if you have McSweeney’s Issue #4 lay­ing around some­where that you’d like to sell with a rea­son­able price, my friend Troy will be inter­est­ed to buy it. If any­thing, he’ll take good care of it. Okay, lat­er!

And Here Come The Finalists…

Well, the Third Annu­al Weblog Awards a.k.a. the Blog­gies final­ists have been announced. Vote for Weblog Wannabe if you think we (the weblog and I) deserve it. And con­grat­u­la­tions to the oth­er final­ists! Also thanks to every­one who nom­i­nat­ed me. You’re so sweet. I’m flat­tered :)

Wanna Get Nominated?

Because I’m too lazy to surf around and I don’t read too many weblogs these days, if you want to have a chance to get your weblog nom­i­nat­ed by me in this year’s Weblog Awards, please leave your weblog name and URL as well as the cat­e­gories in which it can be nom­i­nat­ed in the com­ment thingy. I’ll take a look at each one and those whom I think are wor­thy of a nom­i­na­tion will be nom­i­nat­ed. Bribery will be hap­pi­ly accept­ed.

The usu­al sus­pects (you know who you are) need not apply because I’ll nom­i­nate your weblogs any­way even if some of you haven’t updat­ed yours for ages and there­fore don’t real­ly deserve the nom­i­na­tion. I do love you that much. Mwah!

(I doubt any­one would want to sub­mit their weblog for clos­er inspec­tion because, real­ly, who needs my nom­i­na­tion? But still it’s worth try­ing.)