This song always reminds me of our trip out west seven years ago. It got played a lot on the radio at the time. The title might imply a mellow song but it’s actually a pretty upbeat and catchy tune. The chorus will become your new earworm, guaranteed. :-) Even after all these years, it’s still one of my favourite roadtrip songs.

Jeremy Fisher, who is Canadian, had a show here in town last week. Unfortunately, the show was at a fancy restaurant and we didn’t really feel like blowing even more money after my birthday extravaganza at Niagara Falls so we had to give it a miss. Maybe next time.

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002 – Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada


Bear Lake, Peyto Lake,
Call it whatever you want;
I almost died there.

So I exaggerated a bit there. It’s just that I was tired and I’ve never been a strong hiker to start with. The information board said it was an easy walk to the lookout so I thought I’d do it. Except it wasn’t really an easy walk. It was a bit of a climb. I wasn’t prepared for it so I was grumpy and I felt like dying halfway through the walk. The people coming from the other way, seeing how close I was to dying, cheered me on and told me that the view was worth the climb. I guess it was enough to keep me going. I made it to the lookout and live to tell you the story and show you one of the pictures I took.

We will be back in the proximity of the lake in a little over a month. Kind of tempted to go back there just to see if I’ve become a less whiny hiker now than I was then, seven years ago. Somehow I doubt it.

I thought being in this highly specialized museum would feel super awkward, but it wasn’t really. At least not until a group of ladies started to (over)share their first sexual experiences for everyone to hear. Of course they had to congregate right by the only human penis specimen in this museum, which unfortunately looked really sad and shriveled.

The video is a trailer for a documentary about the, uh, phallologist’s search for a human penis for the museum collection (likely that sad specimen we saw). I think the museum shown in the video is the one at the old location in Husavik, which is now home to The Exploration Museum. The current location is in Reykjavik, in the less busy part of Reykjavik’s busiest and most touristy street, Laugavegur.

You should consider a visit to the museum if you ever find yourself in Reykjavik. If anything, it makes for a good travel story. While you’re there, be sure to check out the elf’s penis (magically invisible), merman’s penis (kind of looks like a badly-painted piece of styrofoam) and the ghost penis (surprisingly big and visible). The whale penis collection is pretty interesting, too.

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001 – Husavik, Iceland


Many whalewatchers;
Had “satay” chicken and rice;
Found a geocache.

I’m starting a new feature called 100 Places. I’ll post a picture I took of some place and then write a haiku about what I remember about the place. I’ll keep going until there are 100 places in the set. We’ll see if I can keep it up that long.

Husavik boasts itself as the Whale Watching Capital of Europe. We had dinner there at Salka Restaurant. It was located right by the harbour, next to the Whale Museum. Service was slow but the food was tasty. It was one of the two occasions where I had rice for dinner in Iceland. The other time was at a Filipino restaurant (yes, you read that right) in West Iceland.

We found a geocache by the Whale Museum. The museum itself was closed. It was a little late in the evening after all.

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Wednesday Night Limerick

Working on a jigsaw puzzle
Soon my poor brain starts to frazzle
Only five hundred pieces
Would be fun for the nieces
Though they’re not easy to dazzle.

We did the 100 and 200 pieces puzzles relatively quickly, but working on this 500 piece one has been a bit of a pain. Maybe we’re not old enough to have the patience for it (I thought I would at my age). We’re not giving up on it yet. I think. I’m sure we’ll put all the pieces together eventually. But when I’m much older, I’m only going to do 200 piece puzzles tops. We don’t want me to go insane too quickly, do we?

I love the Canadian Rockies but I haven’t seen it since my first and last trip there in 2007 and I miss it so much. Lucky for me, my lovely husband has agreed to take me for a 10-day road trip in the Western provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia) next month, and even though the main reason for the trip is for me to visit Saskatchewan on my 10th year in Canada because it’s the only Canadian province I’ve never been, I just have to put the Canadian Rockies in our itinerary. We’re going to spend three nights surrounded by the mountains in Yoho National Park, British Columbia. I can hardly wait!

The video above is about 15 minutes long, but it’s well worth your time, I promise. If you’ve been to the Canadian Rockies, it will make you want to go back. If you’ve never been, I’m sure you will want to visit it after watching it. :-)


Wednesday Morning Haiku

Yay! It’s the Hump Day!
Unless you get Friday off
Then you are ahead!

Easter long weekend usually ends up being the lamest long weekend ever, but I’ll still take it. It’s a whole extra day I get to spend with my amazing and funny husband! If there was a contest for the World’s Most Entertaining Husband, he’d be a great contender for the title. He is *that* amazing!

Anyway, today I’m planning on Not Feeling Depressed, Be Happy, and Get Things Done. We shall see how that plan works out. I’m really not the greatest at sticking to plans. BUT, I’ve got at least One Thing done today already! I found myself a WordPress plugin to end all my broken link woes due to permalink changes, and it works like a charm, so that’s that. It’s actually worthy of a celebration if you know how bad my broken link problem was, so feel free to celebrate on my behalf if you feel so inclined.

Now on with the rest of the plan!

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Tuesday Night Limerick

Sometimes I worry too much
Have OCD, just a touch
About animals, people, and places
What if I need to wear dental braces
A worrier, I’m nonesuch.

Been having anxiety issues these last couple of days. I really need to chill and stop worrying too much about too many things. Most of the things I worry about are really stupid anyway. Like getting attacked by grizzly bears while on vacation in the Canadian Rockies because we’ll be there during the bear mating season. It’s not like we’re going to go out and hike in the wilderness or anything. We’d likely just end up driving around, because that’s what we do.

I just took a deep breath. Feeling better now.

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Tuesday Morning Haiku

Winter Wonderland
In the middle of April
Why, Mother Nature?

I know snow in April is not uncommon but our winter practically started in October so it’s been like half a year of winter and we’ve got fed up with all the snow and freezing temperatures. All we want is a nice spring with flowers blooming everywhere and birds chirping on trees and puppies, kittens, and unicorns running in the yards with the occasional drizzles that end with double rainbows. Is that too much to ask, Mother Nature? I think we deserve it for having survived this particular winter.